Meet Lauren Salaz

Meet Lauren Salaz

Unity 4 Orphans would like to introduce our first intern! A junior at San Diego State University, Lauren is majoring in Comparative International Studies and minoring in Spanish. She was introduced to U4O through her scholarship, which promotes work with nonprofit organizations. She appreciates the way U4O supports children who have had difficult lives and looks forward to practicing her Spanish, but especially to spending time with the kids.

U4O Mental Health Counselor Greyydyn

Meet U4O’s Mental Health Professional In Nicaragua

Greyddyn is U4O’s child psychologist for our English program in Miramar, Nicaragua. Her role is to care for the psychological health of each child. She says, “My greatest motivator is the results we get to see. That brings me fulfillment and motivates me to believe that we are an agent of change in these kids’ lives.”

Amy Beam - web developer for U4O

Meet Amy Beam

Amy is inspired by our mission to lift children out of poverty and help to create equity throughout the world. The people in our organization working together toward a shared goal to love others—and especially children—motivated her to join the team!

Unity 4 Orphans Wave-a-thon 2021 fundraising

Annual Wave-A-Thon A Resounding Success!

We’re so thankful for the volunteers, donors, and surfers who made the Unity 4 Orphans 2nd Annual Wave-A-Thon charity fundraising event so successful, and look forward to putting the funds raised to work for the children and families who are part of our educational program in Miramar, Nicaragua.

Service trip to Mexico with Unity 4 Orphans

National Nonprofit Day

One of the missions of Unity 4 Orphans is to bring awareness to the ways in which people are contributing to the needs of those less fortunate, especially children living in poverty, and we proudly share in National Nonprofit Day!

One Child Living in Poverty

Many of us may not be able to relate to this level of poverty, but we can all relate to how stressors in our environment play a role in our relationships and our ability to make progress. This is the story of one child living in poverty.

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