Meet Bettina Hanna

Bettina Hanna has been involved with Unity 4 Orphans for about 5 years. She was first introduced to the organization by a journalist friend who asked her to film a trip to Tijuana where volunteers dressed as Disney princesses. That day, she says that she fell in love with the way the U4O group interacted with the children.

She has attended mission trips before, and what she likes the most about U4O is the way they put so much effort into establishing long-term relationships with the kids and the difference that it makes. Observing Joe wanting to improve those relationships and creating new ideas to make their lives better continues to inspire her. 

“I love working with Joe and the team because I see how passionate he is and how he works to establish good relationships with the kids.”

Bettina Hanna and Her Contribution to U4O

Bettina is a videographer and produces all of the video content for U4O, as well as takes photos for us. It’s great for our community of volunteers and faithful donors to see just how their efforts and contributions are being utilized to improve the children’s lives, and her work helps us share messages of hope and gratitude. You have probably seen her excellent content on our blog and social media and we’re so thankful for her involvement!

She has lived in San Diego for 12 years, coming from Brazil originally. Because her home country faces issues such as poverty and vulnerable children, she has a unique perspective and appreciation for people like Joe and the dedicated U4O team. Once a year, she travels to Brazil and works as a Director for MTV Brazil and Amazon Prime.

“I come from a country that deals with poverty and we also have lots of kids in need, so I’m very aware how these efforts will make their lives way better.”

Bettina and her husband live in San Diego and they love to hike, go to the beach, and travel to the desert. As a filmmaker, Bettina is always looking for good stories and loves to portray them through her videos. We look forward to more great content from her in 2022!

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