Invest in the lives of vulnerable children.

We are fighting for a brighter future where vulnerable children experience flourishing, power, and transformation in their lives.

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There are 1 billion vulnerable children in the world.

They are vulnerable because they often…

Lack permanent parental figures to provide shelter, nutrition, and safety.

Bear emotional scars from abandonment, violence and scarcity.

Quit school to help their families earn additional income, minimizing their long-term job opportunities.

Live in areas without the resources necessary to address the root causes of systemic poverty.

Child labor, human trafficking, gang and drug violence, teen pregnancy and extreme poverty are very real realities for vulnerable children.

They often lack an imagination for anything better than the lives they’ve seen their parents live.

A life of scarcity.

We are Empowering Vulnerable Children

U4O is a non-profit organization that aims to increase public knowledge, bring communities together, and encourage individuals to take meaningful action to support the lives of children who have been left behind or forgotten.

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