Who We Are

Our Mission

Unity 4 Orphans exists to raise awareness, unite communities, and mobilize people towards creatively and tangibly investing in the lives of marginalized children around the world.

Our Vision

Fighting for a brighter future where orphaned and vulnerable children experience power and transformation in every area of their lives.

Unity 4 Orphans Team

Our Story

Unity 4 Orphans (U4O) officially launched in 2010 after our founder, Joe Brandi, joined a trip to Kenya with World Orphans. During "the trip that changed everything," the staggering number of orphans worldwide became a reality. Joe committed his life to fighting for vulnerable children. Following a season of leading short-term trips to Mexico with the world missions team at The Rock Church in San Diego, CA, Joe's vision grew and U4O was born.

Unity 4 Orphans focuses on education and mental health for the world's most vulnerable children and has impacted over 2,000 children since its inception. Quality relationships are at the core of U4O's mission, and we aim to provide individual children with the love, consistency, and dignity they deserve. Above all, we strive to break the cycle of poverty and empower children for a brighter future.

Our Founder

Joe Brandi was a staff pastor when he felt called to act. He convinced himself that he was content, but couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being pulled towards global ministry. After sharing his feelings with his leadership, he was encouraged to participate in a mission trip to Africa with World Orphans. That trip changed everything.

Joe knew that God’s vision for him was clear: he was called to dedicate the rest of his life to fighting for defenseless children. Joe says, "All children deserve to be able to feel a sense of consistency and stability and belonging in their lives. I wanted this to be a priority, no matter what. Every day, we strive to provide the children in all our programs with a sense of empowerment. We want them to grow up with opportunities and options. We want them to know they are loved by God and supported by our U4O community."

Joe with children

Leadership Team

Joe Brandi - founder of unity 4 orphans

Joe Brandi

Founder & Mission Director

Caitlin Snyder - engagement director for unity 4 orphans

Caitlin Snyder

Engagement Director

Dan Gossett - finance and operations for unity 4 orphans

Dan Gossett

Operations & Finance Director

Lindsay Reph - Community Outreach Specialist for U4O

Lindsay Reph

Communications Associate

Shannon Fox

Shannon Fox

Marketing Consultant

Amy Beam

Amy Beam

Technical Consultant

Alexandra Bakke

Events Consultant

Board of Directors

Paul Polakowski III

Paul Polakowski III


Joe Brandi - founder of unity 4 orphans

Joe Brandi


Laura Fellows

Laura Fellows


Chris Fromm

Chris Fromm


Julie Bonnett - Unity 4 Orphans board member

Julie Bonnett


Advisory Board

Ted Watson - Advisory Board Member

Ted Watson


Michael Wells


NICK OSPINA - U4O board member

Nick Ospina



Is U4O a faith-based organization?

Unity 4 Orphans has roots in the Christian faith and our founder is an ordained minister. While we hold fast to those values, we are not a religious organization, rather we are recognized by the IRS as a Public Charity. We love and welcome people of all faiths and many of our volunteers and supporters have differing religious views.

Are donations to U4O tax deductible?

Yes, contributions to Unity 4 Orphans are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

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