Mobilizing people towards investing in the lives of abandoned children.

What We Do

U4O is a charitable organization established to raise awareness, unite communities, and mobilize people towards creatively and tangibly investing in the lives of abandoned and neglected children.

We Find & Fund
We Build Relationships
We Unite Communities
We Mobilize People

Our Programs

Healing 4 Change

Many of the orphaned and vulnerable children we serve have been through traumatic life experiences and need professional help in order to begin to heal. Some of the kids have been abandoned, abused, and have witnessed things no child should ever see. These types of traumas can create life-altering damage if not addressed by a trained professional. Your support of Healing 4 Change allows Unity 4 Orphans to bring in local licensed therapists and counselors to come alongside the kids and help them heal from the inside out.

ESL 4 Change

We’ve made it a priority to provide English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to the children we serve. Being able to speak English gives them a leg up in their education and provides future job security. Our program is provided free to the kids and they have a real hunger to learn; in Nicaragua we have fifty students learning English in our weekend program! We need your help to pay salaries for our local teachers, purchase curriculum needs and program materials, and ultimately expand the program to serve even more kids in struggling communities.

Play 4 Change

The highlight of our regular, monthly service trips to our partner orphanages in Mexico is simply spending the afternoon playing with the kids and allowing them to simply be kids. We are intentional about providing fun and engaging physical activities as well as creative and hands-on crafting and art options. While our Play 4 Change program is simple at it’s core, we hear time and time again that our visits are often the highlight of the orphanage’s kids’ week. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be part of that! 

Education 4 Change

In order to attend public school in Mexico and Nicaragua, kids need supplies like backpacks as well as school-required uniforms and shoes. It’s not uncommon to meet children who are behind in their education because their caregivers haven’t been able to afford these expenses in a given year. Our orphanages are home to fifty kids, and these costs add up! Your donation to Education 4 Change allows us to make sure the orphaned and vulnerable children we serve have what they need to attend public school and finish their education.

Shelter 4 Change

Our Shelter 4 Change fund was established specifically to care for the physical needs of the kids we serve. Some highlights have been bringing in solar panels and a kitchen garden to orphanages, as well as helping families in Nicaragua who’s humble dwellings were devastated by seasonal hurricanes. This fund also made it possible to secure land intended to house our ESL program and we continue to fundraise for the construction of our Miramar Transformation Center.

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