Mobilizing people towards investing in the lives of abandoned children.

What We Do

U4O is a charitable organization established to raise awareness, unite communities, and mobilize people towards creatively and tangibly investing in the lives of abandoned and neglected children.

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Our Programs

Healing 4 Change

Low household income presents a multitude of issues for families and children, with access to healthcare being one of the most impactful as it intersects with a number of other problems. Financial barriers prevent the family from maintaining routine checkups, providing preventative care, ensuring proper nutrition, and accessing clean drinking water. In Winter 2020, Unity 4 Orphans launched a new program, Healing 4 Change, to create a meaningful difference. When you donate to Healing 4 Change, you provide a child or their family member with access to much needed preventative care through nutrition and purified water in addition to doctor visits and medicine for illnesses preventing the individual from being able to support their family.

Education 4 Change

To go to public school in Mexico and Nicaragua, kids need supplies like backpacks, pencils, notebooks, and even school uniforms and black shoes, which are required at many public schools. It’s not uncommon to meet children who are years behind in school because their parents or caregivers haven’t been able to afford to send to school year after year and keep them on track. For our orphanages we are home to twenty or more kids, these costs add up! Your donation to School 4 Change allows us to make sure the orphaned and vulnerable children we serve have what they need to attend public school each year.

ESL 4 Change

If you’ve ever traveled to Mexico and Nicaragua, you’ve witnessed firsthand how being able to speak English, and having had an education at all, gives people a leg up. And not only do these better outcomes affect the individual, it affects their descendants, too, which helps break the cycle of poverty. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to provide English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to the orphaned and vulnerable children we serve. Our program is provided for free to the kids and they have a real hunger to learn – in Nicaragua alone we have more than seventy kids and young adults learning English! But we need your help to pay the salaries of our local teachers, purchase the materials they need for their classrooms, keep this program going, add additional days of instruction, and ultimately expand the program to serve even more kids in struggling communities.

Tutoring 4 Change

In many public school classrooms in Mexico and Nicaragua, the ratio of students to teachers is forty or even fifty kids per teacher! So if a student has a question or needs extra help to understand a concept, it’s almost impossible for them to receive it in a normal classroom setting because there simply aren’t the resources to work with each student one on one. And that means the student is in danger of falling behind. The further a student falls behind, the less likely they are to be able to make up the ground on their own. And if they can’t keep up, they may ultimately drop out of school altogether. When you make a donation to Tutoring 4 Change you’ll be helping Unity 4 Orphans pay for the salaries of local tutors who will work with the kids to ensure they get the help they need to catch up, keep up, and excel in class.

Counseling 4 Change

Many of the orphaned and vulnerable children we serve have been through traumatic life experiences and they need professional help in order to begin to heal. Some of the kids have been abandoned, neglected, abused, and worse. They’ve witnessed things no child should ever see and suffered the types of traumas that create life-altering damage if not addressed by a trained professional. Your support of Counseling 4 Change allows Unity 4 Orphans to bring in local, licensed therapists and counselors to assist the kids and help them heal from the inside out. We believe it’s not enough to merely place the educational tools in the hands of these children; they must be supported to place where they are open to receiving these gifts in order to move forward into a brighter future.
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