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We Transform the Lives of Children Globally

Unity 4 Orphans impacts the lives of vulnerable, impoverished children by providing the following long-term support that breaks the cycle of poverty, violence and human trafficking. We do this through 5 programs, delivered by trusted local partners who are embedded in the communities they serve.

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Our Programs

Education 4 Change

Fluency in English gives children an advantage in their education and future employment. We’ve made it a priority to provide English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to children we serve. Unity 4 Orphans partners with teachers in local communities to develop ESL programs that prepare students for long-term success. We also support our program partners as they serve as tutors to help children achieve academic excellence. By donating to Education 4 Change, you can play a role in giving children the tools necessary to break the cycle of poverty through education.

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Healing 4 Change

The children who are served by Unity 4 Orphans have often experienced trauma such as abandonment, poverty, food scarcity, abuse and violence. We believe it is not enough to merely place education tools in their hands, but that they must be supported emotionally to move forward into their bright futures. Your support of Healing 4 Change allows U4O to provide local therapists, counselors and other care providers to come alongside the children we serve and help them heal from potentially life-altering damage from what they’ve seen and experienced in their young lives.

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Nutrition 4 Change

Ensuring proper nutrition and access to clean drinking water is a foundational way to support the health of vulnerable children and encourage progress towards independence in the future. Without having these basic need met, a child’s ability to succeed in school, learn new skills, develop healthy relationships and heal from past traumas is diminished. Unity 4 Orphans works alongside our partners and local volunteers to provide high protein foods to children and families experiencing food insecurity. By supporting Nutrition 4 Change, you’re providing vulnerable children and their families with access to foods that promote health and vitality to uplift and encourage progress.

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Play 4 Change

Play is an important component of childhood, but for children living in impoverished communities and neighborhoods, they may lack access to safe spaces to run around, use their imaginations, experience belonging and have fun. Our local partners organize and facilitate weekly time for vulnerable children to participate in recreational activities including playing soccer, learning to play an instrument, running around in a gym, and practicing taekwondo. Unity 4 Orphans also takes periodic service trips to orphanages and community centers in Tijuana, Mexico, where volunteers build relationships and play with children experiencing poverty. Donations to Play 4 Change contribute to buying sports uniforms, funding transportation to practices, renting instruments and paying the staff who create places for children to play and grow.

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Shelter 4 Change

A safe and stable home is a cornerstone of all basic needs. Unfortunately, the children served by Unity 4 Orphans do not always have this basic need met by their families and they may not have a school building where they can learn. As a result, they begin to struggle academically, socially and emotionally. By donating to Shelter 4 Change, you’re investing in school buildings, orphanages, homes and basic infrastructure in impoverished communities. These structures will allow children and their families to have a secure place to learn and live.

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Are all five programs offered in each location where Unity 4 Orphans serves?

No, not all five programs are offered in each location where U4O serves. With over 10 locations spanning six countries, we work with our program partners to determine what needs exist in their local communities.

Is U4O involved with any other projects or countries?

We are actively pursuing opportunities in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East as we seek to serve even more children worldwide. We want to both deepen our investment with our longstanding partnerships and begin building relationships with new partners across the world.

Does U4O help with adoption?

Unfortunately, we do not. We are a charity focused on the educational, mental health and basic needs of vulnerable children, most of whom live within paternal care.

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