Meet the Unity 4 Orphans Team: Alyssa Hamon

Unity 4 Orphans’ intern in San Diego shares what drew her to our mission to help orphaned and vulnerable children and encourages others to join a service trip.

The newest member of our team, Alyssa, heard about U4O through the Communications Department at Point Loma Nazarene University, where she is currently in her senior year. She was drawn to our organization because of the testimonies of former students who have served with U4O and because of the type of work we do for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Experiencing Difficulties Helps Us Serve Vulnerable Children Who Have Been Through Trauma

Alyssa feels compelled to take care of those less fortunate, and those who may be feeling lost or lonely. She has experienced these feelings in her life, and has felt God calling her to reach out to others to let them know that they are not alone. People also like to know where their money is going when they give, and it’s important to share the impact that even a small amount can make, or how much joy a simple thing like a new toy can bring a child.

San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans’ intern Alyssa Harmon working with vulnerable children

Service Trips with Unity 4 Orphans Bless Volunteers and Children Alike

When Alyssa went on her first service trip it was her first time in Mexico and she wasn’t sure what to expect. Immediately she felt connected to the team of volunteers, and she was happily surprised to learn that many others don’t speak Spanish. Together they quickly realized that speaking the language is not a prerequisite for connecting with children at the orphanages.

While the group was playing games and enjoying various activities, Alyssa observed that although they had just met, everyone connected easily. Even though it was the first time U4O has had a service trip to this particular orphanage, the camaraderie was obvious and shows how big an impact small acts of kindness can have.

“To anyone who doesn’t speak Spanish and is concerned about the language barrier, you’re still able to love and connect with the children in nonverbal ways. They really do get joy from just spending time with you.”

–Alyssa Hamon, U4O Intern

Using Personal Gifts Offers Creative Ways to Serve Orphaned Children

Music plays an important role in Alyssa’s life and brings her peace and joy. In the future, she plans to bring her guitar and sing songs with the kids. Even though she didn’t understand all of the Spanish lyrics to the songs, she loved to be able to connect with them through music and says, “music has a language all its own.”

Another important role she’s taking on is helping veteran U4O volunteer Monique Taylor with organizing the stock of pantry and personal items that are donated for the orphanages. As organizers, it’s gratifying to see all of the donations coming in and Alyssa wants people who donate necessary supplies to the orphanages to know they’re making a meaningful difference.

Alyssa Hamon, intern at San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans

Alyssa recently surfed in our 3rd annual Wave-A-Thon and helped us reach our fundraising goal, which will benefit the precious children in our programs. We’re so thankful to have Alyssa on the team and hope you’ll get a chance to meet her by joining us on a service trip soon!


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