Meet Amy

Amy was originally introduced by her friend Shannon, who works with U40, and met Joe in the Spring of 2020. She was inspired by our mission to lift children out of poverty and help to create equity throughout the world. The people in our organization working together toward a shared goal to love others—and especially children—motivated her to join the team!

A favorite quote by St. Francis of Assisi perfectly sums up her approach, “Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words.”

As a team member, Amy maintains the website and integrations with third-party services, such as the donor management system. She has been instrumental in solving technical issues and training others on staff to utilize these resources to the benefit of U4O’s message and network of dedicated supporters. 

Amy’s husband and son are a source of joy, and their home is full of laughter and creativity. The older she gets, the more she finds that “check box” items traditionally used to describe herself are not the most important parts of who she is, but rather a glimpse. She seeks out joy and fun in her life, but is also able to delve deeper into the intense side of humanity, and what makes us tick. 

She cares deeply about God and humanity, and sees herself as a small but unique part of this earth. When she is blessed with a view of the big picture, she takes delight in that, and strives to leave her ego and agenda aside in all that she does.

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