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Our Funding:

U4O relies entirely on the donations and fundraising efforts of those with a desire to give and help make a difference in the lives of children and orphans. 


If you should have any questions please feel free to contact us at:


U4O is transparent in our giving and fundraising efforts, to ensure our donors know where and how their money is spent.

Featured Campaigns



Education 4 Change

Suggested Donation:

Your donation helps us work together to give the kiddos a better future through education! Unity 4 Orphans helps orphanages with monthly tuitions, registrations, uniforms, school supplies, transportation, tutoring and mentoring sessions after school, intense summer tutoring classes and English as Second language classes. We currently help orphanages both in Mexico and Nicaragua, all with the intention of helping these children to thrive in school.

Nutrition 4 Change

Suggested Donation:

Your gift goes a long way! Unity 4 Orphans helps 10 orphanages in both Mexico and Nicaragua with their food needs. When we go on trips to Baja California to visit orphanages twice a month, we take several suitcases filled with canned good items. In Nicaragua, we help sustain two feeding programs that feed from 60 to 80 kids every day!

$30 per month will help to ensure that the kiddos get the meals and nutrition they need!

Staff Support

Suggested Donation:

Although a large portion of our programs are driven by volunteers, we do have a small staff to ensure that we’re always available to serve at our max potential. 

$25 per month goes a long way towards our efforts – here in the States and Internationally.

We’re working hard to help the kiddos and we’re extremely grateful for all of your support!

Unity 4 Orphans is a 501 (c)(3) | Tax ID #470959902