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Change a child’s life! With your support, we can build a brighter future for these orphaned and vulnerable children to help them break the chains of poverty.

All donations are tax-deductible and we offer a variety of ways to invest in our cause.

What Makes Our Sponsorship Program Different?

Unity 4 Orphans provide wholistic and empowering programs for the kids’ minds, emotions, and education.

We empower them educationally and vocationally.
We believe in creating sustainable, long-lasting change so that these children will grow up to have jobs in their communities and create better outcomes for themselves and their families. We believe if we can empower a child to rise up out of poverty and have a better life as an adult, we can create the kind of generational change that impacts entire communities.
We empower them psychologically and emotionally.
We believe it’s not enough to merely educate. We must focus on healing past traumas and providing the children with the tools they need to develop emotional resilience.

Our programs also create jobs within the community. Our goal is not to bring in outsiders to execute change. Our goal is to help and inspire people within the community to lift each other up by providing them with the tools and resources that lack. Our teachers and counselors are all natives of the individuals countries we serve and live locally to the communities where are programs are located. Your donations of $50, $100, or more a month pay their salaries, transportation costs, and meals when they are teaching for the entire day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do my child sponsorship donations go?

Your gift of $25 per child each month ensures these children have:

  • Required uniforms and black shoes, backpacks, books, pencils, and other supplies they need to attend public school.
  • Nourishing snacks to support their growth while at school. As we all know, hungry minds don’t learn effectively.
  • Access to extra school-related activities like field trips.

Your gift of $50, $100, or more per child each month ensures these children have:

  • Access to additional education through our weekend ESL program. Your donation helps cover the monthly salaries and transportation costs for our teachers to come into the communities where the orphans and vulnerable children live and conduct weekend ESL classes.
  • After-school tutors to help them with their homework and provide additional learning. The children often don’t have the opportunity to get individualized help from their public school teachers. Your donation helps cover the monthly salaries and transportation costs for our teachers to devote extra time to the students who need it most.
  • Access to therapy and other mental health services to help them heal from past traumas. Your donation helps cover the costs of these licensed professionals and allows them to work one-on-one with the children in the orphanages and vulnerable child communities. Additionally, these licensed professionals conduct home visits for the children that are still living with their families to meet the parents and advise them how to better help their children.
Do My Sponsorship Donations Go Directly to the Child I Support and Their Family?
Sponsored children do not receive your sponsorship donations directly. Your monthly donation is pooled with the donations from other sponsors and is used to secure necessary supplies and services for the kids. Your donations go to school supplies, ESL program materials, payment for our ESL teachers, after-school tutors, psychologists, and more.
What is the Expectation of My Sponsorship? How Long Does it Last?
Our goal and hope is to provide a sponsorship that lasts through graduation from high school. We are hoping that with your investment these children will be assured a quality education and given the opportunity to grow and thrive.
Will I Have Contact With My Sponsored Child?
You will get some videos and a few gifts made by the child you sponsor and others. For your safety and the safety of the children, you are not allowed to visit the children by yourself. If you sponsor a child in Mexico, we encourage you to go on one of our service trips to their orphanage to visit your sponsored child.
Can I Send Extra Gifts to My Child?
We believe that the gift of a high-quality education and emotional support is already the greatest gift the children could ever receive! In order to provide consistent opportunities for each child, additional gifts are not accepted.
Is My Child and Their Story “Real”?
Yes! Our orphanage leaders, ESL teachers, and psychologists have worked with us to provide photos and details for each child’s sponsorship page. In addition, we have to comply with the laws of the country where the child resides as well as the wishes of their parents or orphanage leaders. Mexico, for example, places more stringent limits on what we can share as compared to Nicaragua which has more lenient policies. Please visit us on social media to see additional photos and videos of the children!
Is My Sponsorship Tax-Deductible?
YES! We are a registered 501 (c) (3). All tax receipt letters are mailed in January (just prior to tax time) for the previous year’s donations.
What Happens If My Situation Changes and I am Unable to Continue My Sponsorship?
We understand that things happen and, although we would love your continued support, we understand that some student sponsors may have to take a break from their sponsorship due to life circumstances. In order to provide a seamless experience for our children we ask that you give a 60-day notice if possible so that we can secure another sponsor for your child.

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