How Can YOU Change the Life of a Vulnerable Child?

How can you be a part of Unity 4 Orphans’ mission to change the lives of children living in poverty through ESL education, holistic care, and relational consistency?

Girls face painting with supplies donated by San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans

Holistic Care for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

When U4O Founder Joe Brandi began realizing a vision to care for children who have been orphaned, abandoned, and who live in extreme poverty, others came alongside his mission and our nonprofit was born. Although we have grown substantially since then, our programs and outreach efforts continue to spread throughout Latin America and our own community in San Diego.

Giving of Your Time Through Service Trips to Mexico

Program intern, Alyssa Hamon, feels compelled to take care of those less fortunate, and those who may be feeling lost or lonely. She has experienced these feelings in her life, and has felt God calling her to reach out to others to let them know that they are not alone. People also like to know where their money is going when they give, and it’s important to share the impact that even a small amount can make, or how much joy a simple thing like a new toy can bring a child.

Vulnerable and orphaned children receiving school supplied and toys from San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans’ child sponsorship program

Service Trips with Unity 4 Orphans Bless Volunteers and Children Alike

In Mexico, children who become orphaned or whose parents or guardians are unable to take care of them end up in government-run orphanages. Often these children, who have experienced abandonment and witnessed traumas, move through the system without healing or proper education.

When they age out of the system at 18 years old–or even younger for some kids–they often end up on the streets. Without addressing their pain through counseling and nurturing relationships, as well as having supportive adults to encourage them to pursue education, the cycle of poverty is hard to break. Through monthly service trips, U4O shows these precious children they are loved, valued, and capable of reaching brighter futures.

Orphan boy playing with voluteer during orphanage service trip with San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans

“Part of the DNA of what Unity 4 Orphans does is relational consistency. We come every month to make a meaningful difference in these kids’ lives who just want to experience love. So please come change an orphan’s life and be changed in the process. “

-Joe Brandi


Giving of Your Finances to Sponsor ESL Education in Nicaragua

Unity 4 Orphans’ English as a second language program in Nicaraguaand soon in Ecuador–provides a means for children living in extreme poverty to rise above their circumstances through education. All children are also required to wear uniforms to attend public school, and for many of them, this requirement renders them ineligible. For families simply trying to give their children enough food to eat and water to drink each day, the necessities of pursuing education present insurmountable hurdles.

“You can step into those places that God is motivating you to change this world. Lives are being transformed, so if you want to change a life through counseling and English as a second language, we have sponsorship opportunities for each student in our program.”

-Joe Brandi

Through child sponsorship, we supply uniforms, backpacks, and items necessary for them to attend school. For some kids, this can be the first time they receive a pair of shoes that fit and protect their little feet from the elements. They also are enrolled in our ESL program, where they receive language acquisition skills so they can pursue better-paying jobs upon graduation and counseling to help them heal from the damage they’ve experienced.

Children playing with toys donated by San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans

The Most Important Step in Changing a Child’s Life Is to Simply Take Action

The needs of orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide can feel overwhelming, but the easiest way to move past that is to take action. The key is not where to start–but to simply start somewhere.

Through volunteering and sponsorship opportunities, Unity 4 Orphans makes it easy to give of your time or resources and see direct, tangible results for the precious children we serve.

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