Grant Enables Educational Intervention for San Diego Elementary Students

Thanks to a grant from Coldwell Banker West, Unity 4 Orphans is providing remedial education to help San Diego students in grades K-5 from low-income households succeed in school.

Our vision to establish an outreach to vulnerable children in San Diego has come to fruition, thanks to longtime U4O supporter Nick Ospina and Coldwell Banker West. While there are many underserved communities in Latin America, poverty also affects 16% of US children nationwide.

Strategic Partnership with BLAST 4 KIDS in San Diego

As the recipients of this educational grant, we are able to join forces with an awesome local program, BLAST 4 KIDS, which supports underprivileged children with extended school day services. U4O is now able to come alongside them to provide educational support for remedial reading, comprehension, and math fluency.

“We look forward to more partnerships like this and thank Coldwell Banker West. Unity 4 Orphans is doing amazing things for children in Mexico, Nicaragua, in the future, Ecuador, and now in San Diego.”

–Joe Brandi

children who received Blast 4 Kids educational grant

Our partnership with BLAST means that U4O will provide aides to keep children from low-income and single-parent homes from falling behind in their education. We’re excited to see how our investment to help children succeed in school will change the trajectory of their lives!




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