Our ESL Program in Nicaragua Welcomes a New Group of Young Language Learners

Unity 4 Orphans’ English as a second language program in the poverty-stricken village of Miramar, Nicaragua welcomes even more children for language instruction.

San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans volunteer teaching children in Nicaragua

Thanks to our supportive community, our English as a Second Language (ESL) program in a small fishing community in Latin America continues to grow, enabling us to reach even more children living in poverty. We recently added 22 new students to the program and we’re very excited about this development and what it will mean to these children and their families in providing more opportunities for their futures.  

644 million children worldwide are experiencing multidimensional poverty.
–Source: Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative

During Joe’s visit to Miramar in June, we were encouraged to see significant growth to the program. Students are highly motivated and excited to share language acquisition and teachers remarked on their increased confidence. These additional classroom tools will make their job easier and be a wonderful resource for the students to continue learning.

Poor and Vulnerable Children Endure Daily Hardship

Most children in the village where the Unity 4 Orphans’ program is located live in crude shacks made from easily obtained materials and the average income is less than $300 per month. With the economic challenges they face, residents have little chance to succeed in rising above their poor circumstances without education unlocking the door to better opportunities and gainful employment. 

Simple homes are commonplace in Miramar Nicaragua

Sponsorship is a Rewarding Way to Invest in a Child’s Future

In welcoming additional students into our ESL program, we are actively trying to change the lives of 60 children each year. In addition to learning to speak English, they receive counseling to help them heal from trauma and identify stumbling blocks that may impede their ability to get the most from their education.

ESL students in Nicaragua talking with U4O's Joe Brandi

The best way to help a child enrolled in our program, offered at no cost to their family, is to become a child sponsor. You can give monthly, or pay for a set period of time in advance. Our goal is to have each child fully sponsored, whether that’s through one person’s generosity, or a combination of a few people to cover costs. However you choose to give, thank you for supporting our nonprofit and changing the life of a child living in poverty.

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