New Program Director Brings Hope and Healing to Orphanages in Tijuana

Unity 4 Orphans’ newest team member adds a unique perspective to our mission of bringing healing to orphaned and poverty-stricken children in Latin America.

We’re excited to introduce our newest team member, Marco Aguilera, who is filling a much-needed role as Program Director for our team in Latin America. He and his wife, Anabel, have been married for 12 years and have two young children. As a family, they have served in many capacities together and both Marco and Anabel have pursued certifications that make them a perfect fit for the U4O family!

A Faith Journey from Uncertainty to Ministry

Marco shares that just a few months ago, they were facing some difficult decisions and prayed for God’s guidance in choosing their next steps. During this challenging season, he was contacted by Keem, our operations director, and she offered him the position of program director. After praying for discernment, Marco and Anabel decided to join the team.

Marco and Anabel come highly recommended by trusted local ministry leaders. Their personal passions are closely aligned with our organizational values. They will empower, train, and serve orphanage staff and our U4O program team, supporting the system that ultimately supports the kids.
–Keem Schultz-Fares, COO

The Blessing of Perfect Partnerships in Serving Orphans

Being a person of action, Marco loves to connect with people, but is excited to learn more about how to organize ideas and programs into real results for the children we serve. He credits Anabel with being well-organized and together, their God-given resources are amazing.

Both of them are certified marriage and family counselors through Focus on the Family in Latin America and have conflict resolution certificates from the US Consulate. Marco has been a missions pastor for 15 years and even before that, began serving at orphanages when he was 15 years old.

Marco is personable, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. He’s a great addition to the team because of his compassion and willingness to listen. He is always asking the orphanage staff, “How can I support you?”
–Ivonne Aparicio, U4O Board Member

Serving Together Strengthens Marriages and Families

One major factor in choosing U4O was that serving at orphanages in Mexico is already an outreach that is near and dear to their hearts. As a couple, Marco & Anabel love to serve together, and use their different strengths to the advantage of the ministries that they are involved in. He recommends every couple to serve together, saying “sometimes you have to wait for the other, but always walk together.”

Coming from a broken family himself, Marco has a heart for orphaned and underprivileged children. In his own journey, meeting Jesus changed everything. He found purpose and his family received healing. God prepared him to help hurting children and show them how much God loves them. With their own children, Marco and Anabel teach them the importance of helping others come to Jesus by loving them unconditionally and meeting them right where they are.

Orphanhood is in the heart more than the legal papers, so we show these children how much God loves them.
–Marco Aguilera

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