Extending U4O’s ESL Education Program to Children in Ecuador

Unity 4 Orphans’ program to help children break the cycle of poverty through ESL education, nutrition, and psychological support is expanding to Ecuador.

In many small coastal villages in Ecuador, the conditions are fairly rural, with no paved streets and humble homes. U4O’s founder Joe Brandi continues to pursue a God-given vision to step into places in coastal communities in Central and South America where opportunities for children to overcome poverty are lacking.


Local Educators Want to Help Their Students Succeed in Life

While in Manglaralto, Joe spoke with educators who highly value the opportunity for their students to learn English as a second language and open doors to more secure futures. Knowing the successes we’ve witnessed in Nicaragua, we are excited to bring similar programs to children in Ecuador as well.

There’s not much humanitarian work being done here in the area of education.

–Joe Brandi, U4O Founder

Unity 4 Orphans continues to uphold our fundamental values to empower vulnerable children, not only with the love of God, but also with education and holistic support. If you want to be a part of helping set them on a trajectory for their futures in a whole different way, we have sponsorship opportunities on our website. Join our movement!

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