Help Make Unity 4 Orphans’ Transformation Center a Reality in 2023

A longtime dream to build a Transformation Center to house Unity 4 Orphans’ ESL program in Nicaragua will become a reality in 2023, thanks to our generous community.

For those who have been following Unity 4 Orphans for some time, you may have heard our vision for the Transformation Center in the small rural community of Miramar, Nicaragua. Over the past few years, we have taken steps toward this major goal, and are ready to break ground in 2023, with the help of our awesome supporters.

Educational Space in a Nicaraguan Community Vulnerable to Poverty

Nicaragua ESL classroom open air next to dirt road

Dirt roads and inclement weather can deter quality educators from joining our program. They too need a building they can also use as a shelter without having classrooms subject to flooding and lesson plans subject to a multitude of distractions.

The Transformation Center will be a dedicated place for the students to learn, grow, and gain confidence to pursue their education and one day, careers. It will also provide shelter for teachers, counselors, and staff who commute to the program from cities many miles away.

–Laigthany Gomez, Program Director

Why Children in our ESL Program Need Proper Classrooms

ESL Classroom in Miramar, Nicaragua

In our English as a Second Language program–which also provides holistic care through counseling and educational support–the children we serve have more opportunities to attend university and succeed at higher-paying jobs.

But the local tropical climate combined with homes and classrooms built from rudimentary materials makes it difficult for the kids to study safely. Sheltering them from the elements so they can learn and have a sense of pride in their education continues to be the greatest need for our growing ESL program.

The students are eager to learn and despite seasonal torrential downpours, mosquitoes, broken desks, cracked whiteboards, and everything in poor condition, they don’t use that as an excuse.

–Sara Giret, U4O Volunteer

The Transformation Center Will Provide Dignity to a Poor Community

Unity 4 Orphans Transformation Center

In Miramar, Nicaragua poverty is multi-generational and the cycle is difficult to break. Many children end up in one of two lines of work to support themselves and their families when they grow up: fishing or commuting to nearby cities to clean homes or work in the tourism industry.
Often they don’t have the necessary resources to attend school to complete their education and even end up dropping out early to work and help their families get by.

We are building the Transformation Center as a unique space dedicated to hope, learning, and opportunity for the kids.

–Joe Brandi, U4O Founder

Faithful Donors Fund this Vital Learning Space

Kids and San Diego Charity U4O Volunteers Praying Together in Miramar, Nicaragua

The two-story facility will include three classrooms, two offices for administrators, and a rooftop patio as a place to study and gather together. Additionally, designs include a food pantry, bathrooms with showers to promote dignity through proper hygiene, as well as a small studio to house educators in the case of storms that hamper transportation to and from the village.

Thanks to the generosity of past fundraisers, we raised $100K to purchase land in Miramar, draw up plans, and our team has spent time getting the design just right to serve the children and community. In 2023, we will break ground and begin the building process.

–Keem Schultz-Fares, U4O Operations Director

What You Can Do to Help Make the Transformation Center a Reality

As the Season of Giving begins–starting with Giving Tuesday on November 29th, continuing throughout the holiday season, and ending on December 31–we humbly ask that you consider this important initiative in your giving plans. We have set our biggest goal yet: to raise another $100,000, which will enable us to break ground and build the first floor of the Transformation Center.

We know it’s a big ask, but have seen our dedicated community come through time and time again on behalf of the children we serve. Thank you for coming alongside us in the realization of a dream that began years ago, and one that will transform even more young lives to break the cycle of poverty and lead them into brighter futures! Enjoy this special thank you message from the children in Nicaragua, and click the button below to invest in their future.


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