A Young Boy Works to Overcome Poverty and a Learning Disability

We’re proud to introduce a student from our ESL program in Nicaragua who continues to pursue his education despite economic hardship and learning challenges.

Single Mother and 3 Children Living in Poverty


Student in Single-Parent Family Learns ESL Despite Struggles with Poverty

Richard Vilchez is eleven years old and in the 5th grade. He’s in level 3 of 14 of our ESL program, and his teacher has shared more about his background and progress in class. He lives with his mother and two sisters, and has an inconsistent relationship with his father, who separated from the family when he was only two years old.

Richard’s mother works whenever she can, usually cleaning houses, or anything she can do to support her children. Because it is a constant struggle to find enough work, she often has to obtain food on credit and as a family, they work together to get by and make resources last, but have been in debt for basic necessities and food for several years.

ESL Curriculum for Bilingual Education


One Boy’s Determination to Overcome a Learning Disorder and Pursue His Education

In his ESL classes, Richard’s teacher says he stands out for his punctuality, dynamism, and responsibility. He has a positive attitude and outgoing personality, but struggles with dysgraphia, which makes it challenging to complete writing assignments and communicate through words.

Since this condition has been identified, he works hard to improve his learning with the help of his teacher and the program counselor. Since joining our program approximately three years ago, Richard has received interventions to help him in the areas of school, family, and emotional and mental health.

“Richard is an example of a child in the program who, despite his economic and cognitive difficulties, has managed to stay motivated and shows his commitment to learning.”

Greyddyn Rodriguez, Program Psychologist

ESL Student Received Gift from U4O Program Teacher


A Community Committed to Helping Impoverished Children Succeed

Richard is very active in U4O’s program and has managed to adapt to the academic environment and show consistent progress in school. We’re so proud of his efforts and encouraged by his determination, and that of his mother, to prioritize his education and invest in a brighter future! She has shared that, with the support of his teacher and the program psychologist, Richard has made visible strides in not only his classes, but his overall attitude, and we’re thankful to see another child succeeding and thriving because of our programs in Nicaragua.

Thank you for reading about Richard’s story, and if you feel a tug on your heart to come alongside him to sponsor his education and overall wellbeing, he is one of our students in need of sponsorship! Click below to learn more.

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