Why Does English as a Second Language (ESL) Education Matter?

Since 2017, Unity 4 Orphans has taught children in a poor village in Nicaragua to speak English, providing education, support, and opening doors to better-paying jobs.


Since November 2017, our ESL program has brought hope to hundreds of children, and we’re thrilled at how much it has grown since then, particularly in this past year. We not only celebrated the graduation of six students from our Advanced group who successfully completed Level 12 last December; we also welcomed a couple dozen young new students at the Introductory Levels 1-2 into our program.



The inspiration behind offering these classes began with our founder, Joe Brandi, who felt called to help children living in poverty by providing them with language acquisition to improve their chances of earning a living wage upon graduation. Over the last six years we’ve had from 47 to 76 students enrolled in our ESL program each year, with more than 80 students enrolled during multiple years, advancing through our instructional levels.

We have seen time and time again that learning English presents a pathway to better jobs and more secure futures, making it possible to break the cycle of poverty.
–Joe Brandi

The Challenge to Break the Cycle of Poverty in a Rural Village in Nicaragua

Because most families in Miramar cannot afford to send their children to school for a complete education and struggle to obtain basic needs like food and medicine, generational poverty is rampant in this coastal village. Being able to communicate in English amplifies the opportunities for better jobs, in many countries around the world (in person, and working remotely).

As our ESL program in Nicaragua expands, the children are given opportunities to thrive, and U4O’s proven formula is expanding to change even more lives! We currently have 28 students waiting for a sponsor to support their education and holistic wellbeing; please visit our website to get to know a child in need and start to change a life for the better.


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