El Salvador Staff Helps Children Through ESL and Holistic Support

Unity 4 Orphans is now helping vulnerable children in El Salvador through a partnership with teachers, pastors, and church staff who teach ESL and show God’s love!

Last month we announced our expansion into El Salvador, which brings a sixth country into the U4O family. In the city of San Salvador, families often need their children to contribute to household income, which means that many are forced to split their days between school and earning income, and they often drop out of school before high school begins.

A Dedicated Team in El Salvador Shares Our Vision to Help Children


Our partnership in El Salvador has been built through relationships with local persons of peace, including several churches that are growing and expanding to reach youth and adults with the gospel. Through these connections, we’re excited to bring English as a second language classes to help kids achieve brighter futures.

The kids we work with are living in very hard places. Due to the government cracking down on gangs and violence, up to 75% of them have a family member in jail. Most of the children have to work to help support their families and spend half of their days at school and the other half earning income.
–Becky, El Salvador Partner

Becky has made connections with a mother and daughter who are both educators and are passionate about helping local children. All three women love their country and have a strong desire to help kids break the cycle of poverty through education and understand their worth in God’s eyes.

Why ESL is Critical to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in El Salvador


By learning to speak English, children can double their income as adults and work in call centers, in sales, and as translators. The holistic nature of our programs also exposes them to emotional and spiritual support, helping them to believe in themselves and what they can achieve in the future.

In El Salvador, prices are similar to those in the US and most people earn around $375 a month, but those who can speak English can earn twice as much. These kids have seen all of the bad things in their country, and by teaching them ESL we’re giving them the opportunity for better lives.
–Becky, El Salvador Partner

The quality of public schools in El Salvador is severely lacking, with underpaid teachers and poorly appointed classrooms that often do not have enough learning resources. Most of the children work in the public market part of the time and often drop out of school, limiting their options for work and the potential for rising above the poverty line.

U4O’s Partners Are Transforming the Lives of Salvadoran Children


In the first phase of our Education 4 Change program in El Salvador, we have 80-100 kids in junior high and high school learning ESL. Classes are offered at the church on Saturdays, with morning and afternoon sessions to accommodate time for children to also earn income and help support their families.

The strength of the church in El Salvador is exciting! I’ve known one pastor for a while and he’s like my brother. With a healthy and thriving church, people are getting connected and creating community. By partnering with individuals involved in church planting, where local kids can come to learn ESL, we see a lot of growth in the number of children who will be served and the quality of the care that will be provided.
–Joe Brandi, Founder & Mission Director

As our program welcomes students learning to speak English, we’re excited to be able to share God’s love, increase self-esteem, provide educational support, and instill a sense of hope for the future! We’re thankful for the dedicated staff in El Salvador and look forward to sharing stories of how together we’re transforming the lives of Salvadoran children.

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