GIVE LOVE to Vulnerable Children in El Salvador

Headed into 2024 Unity 4 Orphans is excited to be expanding our program Education 4 Change to help vulnerable children in a new country: El Salvador!

Last year our nonprofit, our in-country partners, and the children we serve across Latin America experienced tremendous growth. We’re using that momentum to extend our holistic approach to El Salvador, taking what we’ve learned over the past 8 years in Miramar, Nicaragua, and the transformation that happens when children receive both an education and counseling to heal from trauma.

Vulnerable Children in El Salvador Need Access to Education


El Salvador is the smallest country in LATAM, with an estimated 1.8 million children living there. Poverty in El Salvador is mostly due to a lack of access to education and Unity 4 Orphans is primed to empower locals to attack the root cause of poverty by providing access to educational resources, including English as a second language.

El Salvador has a huge population of undereducated children, and when they don’t have an education they become incredibly vulnerable to gang violence, teen pregnancy, and human trafficking. Not to mention domestic abuse, having multiple children, and therefore increased infant mortality rates.
–Caitlin Snyder, Engagement Director

Lack of education is such an issue in El Salvador that about 40% of children stop attending school in the transition from elementary to secondary school. This shocking statistic means almost half of the children cease to receive an education after 6th grade, a number even higher in rural areas and for children experiencing poverty.

Education 4 Change Will Empower Students and Teachers in El Salvador


We’re taking the foundation established in Miramar, Nicaragua, of ESL education as our entry point into an impoverished community in El Salvador. Currently, we’re training three teachers with the capacity to teach up to 100 children how to speak English, accommodating multiple levels of instruction.

So much of a country’s infrastructure in the future is built on education.
–Caitlin Snyder, Engagement Director

Like a lot of Latin American countries, El Salvador has a huge opportunity for jobs in the tourism industry. Since we strive to guide children to brighter futures, being bilingual is a huge opportunity for success for children who live in multidimensional poverty. We look forward to helping children and educators in the area of San Salvador pursue a better vision. A partnership with a local church will provide additional support as we look to serve the children and community.

Give Love Campaign Raises Funds to Open Education and ESL Programs


Valentine’s Day reminds us that love comes in many forms, and by showing love to children stuck in the cycle of poverty we open our hearts to something greater than ourselves. Join us as we look forward to welcoming El Salvador children into our family of holistic programs and support!

GIVE LOVE to Vulnerable Children

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