U4O Now Helping Children in El Salvador Reach for Brighter Futures

Unity 4 Orphans is excited to announce our expansion into El Salvador, where our holistic programs will help children affected by poverty!

Through a new partnership, we’re adding a sixth country to the U4O family and preparing to serve children struggling with poverty in El Salvador. We’re blessed to be able to extend our proven model of robust programs and education-focused outlook to help break the cycle of poverty.

U4O Launches Holistic Programs for Vulnerable Children in El Salvador


El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, a mountainous region bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, and Honduras. Many Salvadorans live in homes without electricity or running water and malnutrition is a serious problem for many families.

We are honored to answer the call to serve another community of vulnerable children in a new country, El Salvador. This marks our expansion to a sixth country and with the faithful support of our volunteers, donors, and partners we look forward to further expansion to serve even more vulnerable children in 2024.
–Paul Polakowski III, Board Chairman

Although education is free through the 8th grade, many families can’t afford supplies and transportation to send their children to school, limiting their ability to break poverty cycles. Unfortunately, child labor is prevalent to generate additional income for households, which limits a child’s ability to fully participate in their educational experience.

Local Partners Help Provide Opportunities Through ESL Instruction


In El Salvador, like all of the countries we serve in Latin America, learning English as a second language opens doors to higher education and gainful employment opportunities as adults. By partnering with local teachers, volunteers, and church staff in the capital city of San Salvador, we are joining forces with Salvadorans who have a heart for their people.

Last summer I got a vision for taking our programs to the children of San Salvador and made important connections with church plants all over the city. When I talked about English as a second language classes their eyes got big. After much thought and prayerful consideration, they identified a program director and two teachers. I look forward to visiting this summer and seeing how the program is changing children’s lives.
–Joe Brandi, Founder & Mission Director

Within just miles of ten high schools and junior highs, these dedicated individuals have been working with an existing nonprofit that goes into the high schools to teach values. From there, they have access to teach ESL and invite kids into their church for a Saturday program.

Join Us in the Fight for Brighter Futures for Salvadoran Children


We’re encouraged to bring a group of like-minded people from El Salvador into the U4O family. Starting this month, about 100 children will enroll in ESL classes and begin transforming their lives. We hope to see a similar trajectory as the children from our longstanding program in Miramar, Nicaragua.

The financial support of Unity 4 Orphans allows us to serve vulnerable children through all five of our programs, including Education 4 Change, which gives children the tools necessary to break the poverty cycle.
–Caitlin Snyder, Engagement Director

Learning English helps build self-confidence and through our holistic approach, we want to see children in El Salvador heal from trauma and begin to dream of brighter futures. Help us make a difference in the lives of these precious children and stay tuned for more exciting updates about this exciting expansion into a sixth country!

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