Celebrating Female Partners Making a Difference for Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month and Unity 4 Orphans is spotlighting our international team of female partners who are changing the lives of vulnerable children every day!

We’re excited to highlight the tremendous growth in our organization enabling us to help more children thanks to the incredible women on our headquarters team and partners in Nicaragua, Mexico, and Ecuador.

Female Educators in Nicaragua Teach Vulnerable Children More Than ESL


Our established program in Miramar, Nicaragua has been teaching English as a second language to children in a poor fishing village for nearly ten years. Thanks to educators like Nellys, students also receive counseling and mentorship to open their eyes to greater possibilities than the ones they see around them.

We show the children respect, that they can be themselves, and that we’re not only teaching them another subject, but we’re also giving them tools to get jobs in the future. I think being able to guide them and set a good example for them are my favorite things about being a teacher.
–Nellys, ESL Teacher in Nicaragua

Our Nicaragua ESL program has helped guide students to pursue their education at the university level, and it’s also producing teaching interns like Yanelis, a direct multiplication that continually produces ripple effects. Program Director Laithany empowers other women to provide for their families and extend a helping hand to even more vulnerable children in their communities.

Counselor in Mexico Helps Orphaned Children and Staff Heal from Trauma


Nicaragua isn’t the only place where we see this multiplicative impact of empowering local women. Since hiring a Mexico Program Director, we have seen exponential growth in the support we’re able to provide to abandoned and orphaned children, orphanage staff, and families at community centers around Tijuana. Yolanda (fondly called “Yoly”) has dedicated her life to helping others experience healing from trauma and neglect, enabling children and their parents to believe in themselves and the future that God has planned for them.

The work I do isn’t for U4O or someone else, I’m working for God, so I’m going to do the best that I can to help the children and do it with all my heart.
–Yoly, Mexico Program Counselor

Our Mexico team also includes spiritual formation leaders like Joana and her husband Edgar, who regularly spend time with children at the orphanages and stand in the gap to give a tangible example of God’s love. Under the supervision of our Mexico Program Director Marco and his wife Anabel, vulnerable children and families are experiencing transformation in every area of their lives.

Dedicated Women in Ecuador Give Children a Place to Learn and Be Loved

Female founders at Dame Tu Mano are enabled to help many more children in 4 locations throughout Ecuador because of their partnership with Unity 4 Orphans. In most of the communities where they serve, children must overcome not only the lack of education and opportunities to rise above poverty but also dangerous and unknown territories.

We work with children in remote places in Ecuador that many people have never heard of and everything we do is for the kids. We know God can do what people cannot do, so continue praying for them. Thank you for helping us keep our boots on the ground and keep going.
–Karen J., Director of Education, Dame Tu Mano in Ecuador

Karen and Amy, Dame Tu Mano’s founder, have been leading a team of educators and volunteers for more than six years in service to children with nowhere else to turn. Many live in unstable homes without running water and must navigate streets fraught with gangs and violence, making the dedication of Dame Tu Mano both admirable and vital to children’s well-being and educational success.

Female Volunteers Provide Nutrition to Poor Children in Nicaragua

Last fall, we introduced our partnership with Jesus is the Way in Nicaragua, an organization dedicated to helping children living in the poorest areas in the country, many of whom live in and around garbage dumps. The lack of nourishment is so severe that before children can be educated they need consistent nutrition.

We have seven nutrition centers in Nicaragua. Many children are so malnourished that they’re unable to think clearly. They need at least one plate of food every day to help them grow. This year one of our goals is to expand our program to offer tutoring for school-aged kids, crafts for the younger children, and teach them that God loves them.
–Keysi M., Nicaragua Partner, Jesus is the Way

Keysi and her dedicated team of volunteers plan to serve more children than ever before in 2024 and we’re honored to be in a position to offer crucial support and financial aid for kids who need it most.

We’re excited to see transformation in the lives of the children we serve in Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, and through our newest partnership in El Salvador. Join us in celebrating all of the amazing women who are partnering with Unity 4 Orphans, selflessly giving what they’ve been blessed with to lift children out of poverty!


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