U4O’s Mexico Team Welcomes New Spiritual Formation Leaders

With the addition of two new spiritual formation leaders to the team in Mexico, Unity 4 Orphans provides a holistic approach to caring for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Spiritual Guidance Plays an Important Role in Holistic Care

Unity 4 Orphans’ Mexico Team continues to grow more robust, offering even greater support to the children we serve at the orphanages in Tijuana. Under the leadership of our Latin America Programs Director Marco Aguilera and his wife Anabel, the team now includes several teachers including ESL, a psychologist, and a new husband-and-wife team dedicated to the children’s spiritual development.

little children having activities

One of the most important things for us to give the children is spiritual guidance. If we can help them to love Jesus and have a personal encounter with him to heal their hearts, they’ll be better people in the future and learn to walk by faith. We prayed for months for the right team members, and Edgar and Joana love the kids and are bringing them one-on-one discipleship.
– Marco Aguilera, U4O Mexico Programs Director

We are excited to welcome Edgar and Joana to the U4O family and thankful that God provided a perfect fit for this important role. As the children in the orphanages find respite and heal from traumas no child should have to experience, they are building trusting relationships one step at a time with our compassionate Mexico team.

A Willingness to Serve Abandoned Children Together

Edgar and Joana met in their last year of college where they were both training to be lawyers. After graduation, they decided to spend one year in a missionary school and another year in a church planting school together. Through their experiences, they grew in their passion to make a positive difference in the lives of children, which eventually led them to U4O.

new spiritual formation leaders

Seeing the work Unity 4 Orphans is doing and the impact they generate in the lives of the children is what made us want to join the organization.
– Edgar and Joana Negrete, Mexico Team Spiritual Formation Leaders

Together with their son, their regular visits to the orphanages have already created more stability for the children. The kids have even been overheard saying that they feel like they’re part of Edgar and Joana’s family when they visit!

A Heart for Vulnerable and Orphaned Children in Mexico

Edgar and Joana share our hearts for leading vulnerable children to brighter futures and our vision for doing so through education and holistic care. They love being part of the Unity 4 Orphans team and impacting this young generation through intentional care and service.

children singing a song

Our greatest challenge is to show the children that God is a Father who loves them, even despite the painful past they lived where drugs, alcohol, and violence broke their families.
– Edgar and Joana Negrete, Mexico Team Spiritual Formation Leaders

With the backing of our awesome U4O community, we know that Edgar and Joana will continue to transform the hearts and minds of the precious children we serve. They appreciate your prayers for the kids and ask for teaching aides that help them learn the word of God, as well as the gift of an age-appropriate Spanish Bible to each child at the orphanages.

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