How One Teacher in Nicaragua is Changing Lives through ESL Education

Unity 4 Orphans’ dedicated teachers like Nellys in Nicaragua encourage and instruct the students in our ESL program and help them break the cycle of poverty.

When Nellys was searching for a new job, a recruiter pointed out the position with Unity 4 Orphans at our English as a second language (ESL) program in the poor community of Miramar, Nicaragua. As a college graduate having studied both English and psychology, she was the perfect fit for our program and has been helping the kids succeed ever since!


A Heart and a Head for Teaching Underprivileged Children

With her solid educational background and her heart for children, Nellys makes our program in Nicaragua stronger. She loves to help them through the learning process and provides a fun environment for them to grow in their English skills.

It benefits the kids because it’s opening new doors, providing a better future for them. The study skills we are teaching will help them get better grades when they reach college and speaking English will allow them added job opportunities.
– Nellys Mairena, ESL Teacher, Nicaragua

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through ESL Education and Holistic Care

San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans volunteer teaching children in Nicaragua

Nellys’ role with U4O is fueled by her passion for education and her belief that ESL will open countless doors for children living in the vulnerable community of Miramar. Being able to speak English not only increases their job opportunities but provides them with confidence and a vision for their futures. She enjoys being a positive role model in their lives and is a creative educator who makes learning fun!

U4O is changing the teachers’ lives too because this has taught me a lot, a lot about teaching, a lot about helping those in need.
– Nellys Mairena, ESL Teacher, Nicaragua

Building the Transformation Center Will Bring Dignity to Students and Teachers

As Nellys cheerfully shares the routine she follows to be able to show up every week for the kids, we also know it can be very demanding. We applaud her perseverance and look forward to building the Transformation Center to give our ESL program, students, and educators a dedicated facility.

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