Meet the U4O Board!

With the rapid growth in our organization, Unity 4 Orphans has a solid foundation of leadership and a variety of expertise on our Board that enable us to serve even more vulnerable children.

This year U4O is positioned to help more children living in poverty than any other year in our history, including adding more countries and dedicated partners to our growing family. Some of our behind-the-scenes heroes are members of the board who inspire and direct our vision for transformation in every area of children’s lives.

Unity 4 Orphans Board Brings Vital Experience to Grow our Support


In the past two years, we’ve seen an exciting evolution in our organization, expanding to serve children in six countries in the US and Latin America, many of which are under oppressive regimes. Through our investment in 15 local native partners, nearly 1,500 children are receiving holistic support to help them grow and thrive.

We know from Scripture that God is father of the fatherless (Psalm 68:5) and a protector of children. As a follower of Christ, I am called to serve God by serving the vulnerable children He so loves. I’m inspired by how consistent our mission is with God’s heart for the vulnerable and this particularly energizes me to devote whatever God-given talents I have to ensuring the U4O mission exists in perpetuity.
–Paul Polakowski III, Board Chairman

Thanks to Paul’s dedicated leadership we have a goal to raise $1,000,000 in 2024, increase the number of children we support by 80% and expand to two new countries. What we do differs from other nonprofits because we nurture partnerships with local churches, educators, and counselors and provide a holistic suite of Gospel-centered programs to provide true transformation.

A History of Faith-Based Counsel Drives the Heart of U4O


One of our longest-running supporters, Laura Fellows continues to bring her kindness and wisdom to help expand and improve our organization. She appreciates that we began as a ministry and have stayed true to our mission. From the beginning we’ve focused on providing not just the immediate needs of children from impoverished communities, but also bringing additional tools to help heal and nourish their emotional and spiritual needs.

We want to help support these children in their current needs, but also set them up to have a brighter future through the various programs and services we provide. As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to accomplish this at an even deeper level while simultaneously reaching more people and communities.
–Laura Fellows, Board Member

Her Christian faith guides Laura’s heart for children experiencing poverty and her goal is to not only ease their burdens, but also ensure that they feel loved, cared for, and have hope for the future. Prayer is an important part of her role, for the children we serve, our in-country partners, and our team.

Longtime board member Chris Fromm has seen U4O grow through many ups and downs and has offered consistent guidance and support. He first became involved in 2013 after attending a service trip and has been a vital part of our leadership team ever since.

Life is a gift from God and you can live for the dot of your own life or the line of eternity. My response has been providing life-saving medical research through my company and serving with various ministries globally, like Unity 4 Orphans.
–Chris Fromm, Board Member

U4O Was Founded on a Vision to Serve Children Stuck in the Cycle of Poverty


For U4O Founder Joe Brandi, what started out as a vision given by God when he was alone in a movie theater, on a doctors table, and in a Kenyan slum has now grown into a local and global team who helps empower vulnerable children to experience transformation in the major spheres of their lives. God gave him a vision to actually see and experience a small glimpse of what vulnerable children go through that changed his life forever.

We come alongside churches embedded in other countries who have a heart to help their poor communities but have no financial resources and limited professional people resources to break the cycles of poverty the children and poor families were born in.
–Joe Brandi, Founder, Mission Director, and Board President

Joe hopes that we can continue to identify college-educated tutors, ESL teachers, and counselors who come alongside the local church to provide an abundant life in Jesus’ name to children who would otherwise be stuck. God commands us to love others like we would like to be loved and Joe is thankful that He continually provides energy and connections to invite others into our work of compassion and empowerment.

A Growing Nonprofit Grounded in the Support of Talented Individuals


Newest Board Member Julie Bonnett has been involved with U4O for years, fueled by her faith. When she truly surrendered and accepted Christ and was led by the Holy Spirit, she understood that we are all connected and are all God’s children. The Bible gives a mandate to serve orphans and widows, and to serve the broken and lend a hand to those in need.

I am anticipating that U4O will open in more countries and be able to expand in the countries where we currently serve RAPIDLY. The demand for our services will unfortunately always outpace our resources. However, with the help of our generous donors we can make a radical change in the lives of at-risk youth.
–Julie Bonnett, Board Member

Julie believes that the people involved in U4O are what makes the organization so special. She’s inspired by the way everyone uses their God-given talents to usher in brighter futures for vulnerable children and help break the cycle of poverty.

We’re blessed to have these board members, as well as several others, and a dedicated team in the states and in Latin America who help us achieve our vision to bring transformation to as many children as possible in the future.

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