U4O’s Top 5 Moments of 2023

Unity 4 Orphans is so thankful for all of the ways our partnerships and programs have expanded in 2023 to bring transformation to orphaned and vulnerable children. We are positioned to change more lives than ever in the new year!

We’re humbled and grateful to everyone who helped our organization grow in 2023 and look forward to what we can do together in 2024. We hope you enjoy this recap of our Top 5 Moments of the past year and wish you a Happy New Year!

#1 Partnerships in Panama and Ecuador Strengthen Our Holistic Mission


With the addition of a partnership in Panama, we locked arms with an inspiring team that is serving children in some of the poorest communities who have a lack of resources and familial support. Dedicated volunteers have been providing a safe place to play and receive guidance and nutritious meals for 17 years and we’re thrilled to help even more children in the coming year.

We tell the kids, if you study, we will help you. We push them regularly to pursue a college education and provide mentorship along the way to earn higher grades and learn to be a positive influence in their community.
–Enrique G., Program Director, Juntos Podemos

Through our partnership with Dame Tu Mano in Ecuador, we strengthened our support of vulnerable children by facilitating a place for them to belong and helping them catch up in school and believe in themselves. By giving kids a safe place to play, learn, and grow they are being shepherded to brighter futures!

#2 U4O’s Mexico Team Expands Our Reach to Help Orphaned Children


Our Mexico team continues to grow more robust with 7 dedicated part-time staff members who provide hope and healing to children at the orphanages. This is our longest-running investment, a holistic approach that is changing the lives of children who have been abandoned and abused.

We want to give the children the tools they need to have healthy families and successful employment outside of the orphanages. My goal is to point out the strengths I see in them because this reality is temporary, but God will give them a brighter future.
–Yoly, Mexico Program Counselor

Through counseling and consistent mentorship, kids internalize their inherent value and learn to believe in themselves. Program director Marco and his team are also helping keep families together by running community centers in Tijuana, empowering parents to care for their children and stay together.

#3 Our Partners in Nicaragua Feed Children in Desperate Need of Nutrition


In Masaya, Nicaragua we welcomed children living in abject poverty in and around a dump into our hearts through a partnership with the amazing boots-on-the-ground organization, Jesus is the Way. These hardworking volunteers feed over 3,700 plates of food each month and we look forward to steadily increasing that number in 2024.

I see all this pain and hunger that’s so real. Despite their troubles, the children believe they can grow and that Jesus can change their lives. I feel the Lord wants to do something in Nicaragua and that many missionaries will rise out of that area.
–Keysi M., Nicaragua Partner, Jesus is the Way

In providing nutritious meals, we help kids feel seen and loved and give them hope. We are confident that as word spreads, more children and their often single mothers will come for support and be able to break the cycle of poverty.

#4 The Unity 4 Orphans Headquarters Team Continues to Grow


Not only has our vision grown, but our team continues to expand, enabling us to execute our robust program set in multiple countries and locations. We’re blessed to have brought Engagement Director Caitlin Snyder into the U4O family and are inspired by her enthusiasm, compassion, and unique skillset.

The places where we want to partner with people are often the same places where sociopolitical difficulties are rampant. But the Lord delights in meeting our needs and U4O delights in being able to aid these programs and be part of what God is doing in Nicaragua. We want to step into these places alongside our in-country partners.
–Caitlin Snyder, U4O Engagement Director

We also look forward to announcing another full-time member of our headquarters team in 2024 who will oversee operations in all the places we serve. It’s humbling to witness God build a team that is built on each of our strengths; stay tuned to see how He is moving in our organization at a foundational level.

#5 Our Dedicated Community Fuels Everything U4O Does for Vulnerable Children


Last but certainly not least we want to express our gratitude to our incredible community and all of the ways you support our mission. Our model grew stronger for friends and family gatherings, a personal and creative way to raise awareness and funds by opening up your home and sharing U4O’s vision.

I’m so thankful for each person who has given their time, talent, and treasure in 2023! You enable our team to execute our vision to transform the lives of vulnerable children. As we end this year, we celebrate being able to provide support to over 1,700 children in Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and the United States. We couldn’t do any of this without you!
–Joe Brandi, U4O Founder

Many people embody the heart of our mission, such as Paul Giret, who has accompanied Joe on his travels and captured video footage, Nick Ospina who travels with Joe, guides service trips, and combines his business with philanthropy, and families like the Wallers and the Wilkinsons who attend service trips, motivate their communities, and host fundraisers.

Our deepest gratitude to these and so many others who serve from their hearts.Thank you to everyone who is helping us expand our reach and clarify our mission. Because of you, we’re confident that 2024 will be our biggest year yet!

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