Annual Impact Report: U4O By the Numbers

Unity 4 Orphans’ Annual Impact Report shows how 1,697 children received support through education, counseling, nutrition, play, and shelter in 2023, a number soon to be surpassed in 2024!

In the history of our organization, 2023 was full of more challenges and changes, and yet we experienced more growth than any year before. We’re excited to share our Annual Impact Report and how the numbers break down for our programs, partners, and most importantly, the children we serve.

Local Partners are Key to Unity 4 Orphans’ Growth


Our team has expanded to support partners in ten locations across five countries: Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Panama, and the US. Through monthly meetings and frequent, transparent reporting, we’re able to brainstorm and collaborate on the most effective ways to stretch our financial and physical resources. Our local partners are embedded in the communities that they serve and are best positioned to provide holistic support.

I’m grateful to be part of an organization whose primary mission is to create a world that reflects the harmony of heaven, where there is power, love, peace, abundance, and countless smiles. God is assembling a team of extraordinary individuals who are passionate about changing the world for children who lack opportunities and resources that many of us often take for granted. I’m particularly invigorated by our close connection with our in-country partners who are implementing our programs using the financial support generously provided by our community in the US.
–Joe Brandi, Founder & Mission Director

U4O’s Holistic Set of Programs Broken Down by Investment


Abandoned and neglected children are the world’s most vulnerable population, with an estimated 566 million children living in poverty according to the United Nations. We invest in 5 key areas, with the highest being education at 51%. In providing educational support and teaching English as a second language, we give kids the tools to stay in school and graduate with more job opportunities than they’d otherwise have.

Each of these statistics represents a child who is told through word and deed that their life matters to the world. They’ve been created and positioned with unique gifts that are needed for this moment in time. I love knowing that the care they’re receiving through U4O programs is building them up so they can contribute to their communities, and our world, in a meaningful way.
–Caitlin Snyder, Engagement Director

The remaining 49% of our budget in 2023 was split between our other programs, with 18% going to Nutrition 4 Change, 15% to Healing 4 Change, 11% to Play 4 Change, and 5% to Shelter 4 Change.

How Giving to Vulnerable Children in 2024 Will Transform Lives


Fully supporting one neglected child in 2024 will cost an estimated $1,000. This number covers each child’s need for consistent education including ESL, counseling to help heal from trauma, food to nourish their growing body, and play and shelter to provide safety and the ability to thrive. We want to deepen the investment we’re making in the lives of each child and also expand the number of children who are served by our programs. You’re invited to help us as we seek to transform the lives of vulnerable children!

As a parent, I see immense impact through these numbers–each of these 1,700 children is being loved and cared for in positive and meaningful ways. I’m so grateful to be a part of this organization and a big thank you to each one who comes alongside to support our mission.
–Dan Gossett, Operations & Finance Director

Be a part of the tremendous movement underway in our organization through our in-country partners by choosing ways to come alongside our mission this year. Donate financially, help expand our network by hosting a fundraiser, and like and share our social media posts to spread the word and show your support for U4O!

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