ESL Program in Nicaragua Welcomes Adults for Language Acquisition

Unity 4 Orphans expands English as a Second Language program in Nicaragua to include a class for adults, increasing job opportunities and strengthening the local economy.

English as a Second Language Instruction Now Extended to Adult Students

We have an exciting announcement to share about our ESL program in Miramar, Nicaragua. For many years we’ve been offering English as a Second Language instruction to children in this small coastal community besieged by poverty with few opportunities to break the cycle.

In this region, most residents rely on fishing and service-based jobs such as hotel housekeeping in nearby cities. Not many jobs are available that are sufficient in providing enough income for families to support themselves, but one skill equips individuals for more secure, well-paying industries: English language proficiency.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
–Nelson Mandela

Bilingual Skills Help Residents Break the Cycle of Poverty

In this sleepy fishing village, English knowledge provides residents the opportunity to work in the tourism industry, which continues to grow in larger nearby cities and even in Miramar itself. For a small fee, adults pay for instructional costs (unlike our no-cost ESL program for children), and many of our beginner adult students are family members of the children we’ve been faithfully serving for many years.

Economic Improvement Made Possible by the Generosity of Others

The expansion of our tried-and-true formula of language instruction and holistic support for children enables Unity 4 Orphans to give back to the community, strengthen relationships, and open doors to new opportunities for these individuals. We look forward to seeing how this extension helps to change even more lives!

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