ESL Program Supports Impoverished Students To Reach Higher Education

One teenage girl living in poverty finds self-confidence and learns initiative through U4O’s ESL instruction and supportive counseling services with our program in Miramar, Nicaragua.


Programs Provide Education and Support to Students Living in Poverty

Andrea is a young woman in her teens who recently moved on from our ESL program to university, and our program counselor gave her a glowing progress report. When Andrea first became a student with us, she was incredibly introverted and reasoned with her teacher that she could get her work done more efficiently by working independently.

While this is understandable in theory, students benefit from interacting with one another and their teachers to get the most out of their education. And in Andrea’s case, it had more to do with self-confidence than anything else.

Andrea always made an effort to fulfill each of her school activities, and stood out as the best student in her group.

Laigthany Gomez, Program Director

Holistic Care Gets to the Root of Challenges That Hold Students Back

At the beginning of her counseling sessions, she began with working on socialization, both understanding herself and gaining perspective on how working with others can be mutually beneficial. Andrea took her assignments seriously and displayed an eagerness to learn and advance in her education.

She became a clear standout, participating in class and growing more assertive. As a teenager headed to university, these developments will accompany her into the next chapter of her young life, and she is already far more confident than when she began U4O’s program.


Andrea leaves our English program with significant knowledge that will serve her not only in the academic area, but will also be able to establish communication and socialize intelligently.

Greyddyn Rodriguez, Program Counselor

A Future On Course for Success in Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Andrea enters the next phase of her education with far more tools than she would have without our ESL program and the counseling resources we offer to each of our students. She is a creative girl who loves to draw, sing, dance, and dreams of becoming a graphic designer one day. We know that with the good foundation she’s built and the determination she applies to her studies, her dreams are within reach!

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