Popoyo Partnership in Nicaragua Brings Hope Through ESL and Counseling

Unity 4 Orphans is excited to announce a new partnership in Popoyo, Nicaragua which will provide ESL education, counseling, and holistic support to vulnerable children.

Our well-established ESL program in Miramar, Nicaragua continues to change the lives of vulnerable kids in the area, with 42 students currently enrolled and a handful of them graduating in the class of 2024!

A New Location Will Serve Vulnerable Children in Popoyo, Nicaragua


Through the dedication and determination of program director Laighthany and her staff, children living in Popoyo are being extended the same opportunities to learn English, succeed in school, and reach their full potential.

I love that in this program we’re not just teaching English, we’re showing them a different dynamic than what they’re used to seeing. We’re teaching them ESL and giving them tools to get jobs in the future and to think outside of what they know in Miramar, and now Popoyo. Being able to guide them and set a good example for them is my favorite thing about being a teacher.
–Nellys, Nicaragua Program Teacher

Teachers like Nellys are changing lives by not only teaching students English as a second language but also to believe in themselves and expand their vision for what’s possible for their futures. Laighthany’s expertise and history working with U4O made choosing Nellys to join her in Popoyo easy, as they work well together, trust one another, and share a heart for the children they serve.

Transformation Stories from Miramar Provide Inspiration for Popoyo


Embarking on a new journey to bring ESL education and counseling to children in Popoyo involves stepping into faith and we’re encouraged by the many success stories from Miramar. Children like Hesteysi begin our English as a second language program knowing no English. She struggled in the beginning, but thanks to her great attitude and desire to learn she is nearly fluent, at the top of her group, and has remarkable grades in school.

The most important thing is helping our students, but the program is also helping us as teachers. Sometimes I’m so tired but I know that God is here with us in many, many ways. Welcoming more students also means they have the opportunity to know Jesus. Through English classes, counseling, and spiritual encouragement, we’re helping them to grow and have brighter futures. That’s our goal for both Miramar and Popoyo.
–Laighthany, Nicaragua Program Director and Teacher

Another student named Karina has not only worked hard and excelled in learning ESL but is also helping other kids with their studies. She’s creative, always gives her best, and wants to become an engineer, and we’re excited to see what she accomplishes in the future.

The program also produced a teaching intern last year, Yanelis, who is on her way to a successful career. The focus of these current and former students sets examples for others and proves the potential of our programs to transform lives and create a ripple effect.

Popoyo Fits With U4O’s Vision for Brighter Futures in Nicaragua


In many small coastal villages like Popoyo, one of the best opportunities to break the cycle of poverty is by working in the tourism industry. Each year more travelers visit Nicaragua seeking the best surfing in Latin America, creating a market for English-speaking employees and opening up reliable jobs in places with very few ways to earn a living.

With so many tourism jobs opening in the future, teaching the children English as a second language will transform that community. The kids have smaller mindsets there and if we can give them a vision to become bilingual and go to university they can lift their families out of poverty. It’s not just the kids learning English, but also what’s going to happen with the traveling surfers as we spread the gospel.
–Joe Brandi, Founder & Mission Director

Transportation to Popoyo presents a considerable time commitment for both educators, with a typical commute taking up to six hours roundtrip. We hope to provide a newer vehicle to ease the traveling burden and make dirt roads easily accessible during the rainy season. Join us as we open this new location and shepherd another 40 children into brighter futures.

Invest in the Lives of Children in Popoyo

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