Staff Teacher in Tijuana Helps Orphaned Children Succeed in School

Unity 4 Orphans hires a new team member who works with children at the orphanages we serve in Mexico to provide educational and emotional support.

As our programs expand in Latin America, we are adding key members to our support team, and are happy to introduce Daleth. The children we serve at orphanages in Tijuana have not only been through trauma but often fall behind in school and struggle to keep up with other students in their grade level, an issue compounded by school closures over the pandemic.

San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans volunteer interacts with a child

Compassionate Team Members are Crucial to Supporting Orphaned Children

Daleth was born in Tijuana and is an older sister to three brothers. When she was ten years old, she wanted to be a missionary and was also interested in psychology and education. As she grew up, she loved teaching her younger brothers and says she was the bossy big sister. Before attending university, she spent the summer serving at an orphanage and felt called to help abandoned children in her future career.

It was in my heart to help orphans because I feel so much compassion for them, and I felt God calling me. It’s not because of my strength, but His.

-Daleth Cabrera, U4O Teacher

San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans volunteers

Expanding Our Staff as We Welcome More Vulnerable Children

Drawn to the way that Unity 4 Orphans helps children, Daleth felt immediately aligned with our organization’s mission. She says that everything U4O does is with love, whether it’s teaching them or providing for their basic needs, and she is drawn to be a part of that mission. She is also an English teacher at a private school in Tijuana and goes to the orphanage after school to work with the kids individually through dinnertime, providing them with much-needed educational support.

Although she sometimes doubts her abilities, she doesn’t let that get in the way of allowing God to use her and reminds herself that she is a child of God and He trusts her. Her humility and compassion for orphaned and vulnerable children inspire us and make her a perfect fit for the Mexico team.

The Best Way to Start Serving: Just Jump In!

Daleth jumped right in, following her heart as well as guidance from Marco Aguilera, our program director in Latin America. Marco’s wife Anabel Lemus, who is also an educator, provides leadership for our staff teachers in Mexico. Daleth has already faced challenges, such as with a girl who is nearly 18 years old and struggles to read and write but has a positive attitude to learn.

San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans children at play

Another child is struggling with behavioral issues as well as limited reading skills, and Daleth recognizes that she needs emotional and educational intervention to reach her potential. As she gets to know the children, she better realizes how to support them. She recognizes the need for learning materials to help engage them in their studies.

Daleth is amazing and exactly who we were looking for. She loves the Lord and had already met the children at the orphanage and loves them as well. She’s always willing to serve, helping us to build the best support system possible for the kids.

-Marco Aguilera, U4O Programs Director, Latin America

A Heart for Vulnerable Children is the Only Prerequisite

Although it’s difficult to see the children at the orphanages hurting, Daleth is dedicated to helping them heal and succeed in school. Her degree in psychology, as well as her big heart, make her a uniquely perfect person for the role she’s taking on. It’s painful to realize how much the children have been through, but she loves God and she loves the kids.

San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans staff with children who have their faces painted

After meeting Joe and speaking with Keem, Daleth felt like she was part of the team already, and is thankful to have joined U4O’s awesome group of people. The feeling is mutual and we can’t wait to see the children grow and learn as a result of her regular presence in their lives.

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