5 Ways to Give to Vulnerable Children

Unity 4 Orphans’ holistic approach to supporting abandoned and vulnerable children offers a variety of ways to get involved and change a child’s life for the better.

Check out the top five ways people are contributing to our organization in 2023 and see if one, in particular, speaks to you!

#1 Sponsor A Child in Nicaragua

ESL students in Nicaragua with their books

Children from the small coastal village of Miramar, Nicaragua have to overcome many obstacles to gain an education and advance to college and more secure, better-paying jobs. Through our program, we offer English as a second language classes on weekends and support them with vital school supplies, counseling, and more. To receive the complete benefits of our ESL program, each child needs complete sponsorship, either through one full sponsor or a combination of partial sponsors. Meet the children and change a life today! Sponsor A Child With U4O

We have it so good in the US. Through U4O, we can reach out to kids with damaged backgrounds, unbelievable stories and help them reach a better future.
–Jared Lutmer, Child Sponsor

#2 Invest in U4O’s Transformation Center

San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans' planned transformation center in Miramar, Nicaragua

Our well-established ESL program in Nicaragua has seen upgrades to curriculum, staff, and the quality of care and a proper learning environment is next. This year we’re breaking ground to build a Transformation Center that will house classrooms, and spaces for the children to gather and for staff to prepare lessons and stay in town on weekends. Invest Now in U4O’s Transformation Center

We’re giving these kids the opportunity to change their lives. When we started we had 20 students; now we have around 60. We have more teachers, we have a counselor . . . we have curriculum from Oxford, so we are getting bigger and bigger and the education is better and better quality.
–Laigthany Gomez, Program Director in Nicaragua

#3 Donate Your Birthday

Donors at Joe Brandi's birthday fundraiser

One of the quickest, simplest ways to raise funds to help the kids in our programs is to donate your birthday. It’s easy to set up and share on your social media channels, where friends, family, and coworkers can follow a link to donate in lieu of a birthday gift. It also helps spread awareness about Unity 4 Orphans’ mission to transform lives through education and holistic care! Get in Touch with Our Team to Donate Your Birthday!

I posted a few photos of myself on service trips, along with a little about U4O, and the link to donate. I also texted a few family members who weren’t on social media. It was such an easy way to raise funds and get the conversation started around what U4O does and the impact they’ll be making by donating for my birthday.
–Kelsey Manuel, U4O Supporter

#4 Double Your Impact With a Matching Gift

Unity 4 Orphans volunteer with two children in Mexico

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.”? Through the Matching Gifts tool on our website, you can find out if your employer offers the ability to double your donation or monetize your volunteer hours. It’s a fun way to see your efforts go even further in support of children vulnerable to poverty. See if Your Employer Will Match Your Gift!

It’s definitely worth it to ask your employer if they offer matching gifts. Companies get their own tax writeoff as well; it’s an underutilized feature that can do so much good.
–U4O Donor

#5 Visit the Orphanages in Mexico on a Service Trip

Unity 4 Orphans volunteers on a service trip to Mexico

Each of the children at the orphanages has experienced some sort of trauma, whether they’ve been orphaned or removed from an abusive or neglectful home. Through monthly service trips, we take groups to spend time doing activities and playing with the kids. It only takes one day out of your schedule to show a vulnerable child that they’re seen and loved. Register Now for an Upcoming Service Trip!

The main goal is that everyone has fun–kids and volunteers–when that happens, I know it’s a great trip.
–Nick Ospina, U4O Volunteer/Champion

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