Healing 4 Change: Uniting Teams Across Latin America for Vulnerable Children

Worldwide, it is estimated that 1 in 6 children are living in poverty, which has increased due to economic fallout from the pandemic and is steadily rising. U4O is transforming more vulnerable children’s lives than ever before, and a crucial aspect of our holistic support model is our program Healing 4 Change

Unity 4 Orphans prioritizes education to help children in Latin America break the cycle of poverty and provides counseling through our program Healing 4 Change.

Counseling Builds Confidence and Helps Vulnerable Children Heal from Trauma

Pahola Unity 4 Orphans Nicaragua

Our staff counselor in Nicaragua meets with the kids enrolled in our ESL program to assess how the difficulties they’ve experienced and the abuses they’ve been subjected to impact their self-esteem. Through dedication and determination to see them succeed, she works with students to help them overcome psychological hurdles. 

One success story is that of Pahola, a student who has benefited from the comprehensive care she receives through our programs. In the past year, U4O’s programs helped her pursue higher education not only by supporting her academically but also through increased self-confidence as a result of consistent work with the counselor.

When I started in the program I felt less than others . . . but over time, I learned and have interacted with new people with good hearts . . . Thanks to the psychologist in the program, my shyness and fear have been removed.

–Pahola, ESL Student in Nicaragua

Kids Need Advocates to Help Them Overcome Hurt and Believe in Themselves

A boy smiles on one of U4O's Mexico service trips

For the children we serve at the orphanages in Mexico, Healing 4 Change is a vital part of their support system and healing journey. Thanks to our in-country team, including a psychologist and husband and wife spiritual formation leaders, kids who have experienced abandonment and abuse are receiving regular counseling and learning to trust others in a safe environment.

Healing 4 Change is a vital program because children can learn ESL, receive a healthy meal, even stay in school and get a job one day, but if they haven’t received counseling to overcome past traumas or abuses, they’ll be crippled in the world. This program is spiritual as it relates to the gospel, as well as psychological where kids receive counseling to help them experience the abundant life God wants for them.

–Joe Brandi, U4O Founder

A 13-year-old boy and his younger siblings were brought to the orphanage after years of abuse and neglect, and he was ashamed that he couldn’t read. Through the love and support of our dedicated team, he learned to read, was re-enrolled in school, and even began to smile again. So much of what we do is enabling kids to believe in themselves and reach their full potential.

Healing 4 Change Now Transforming Children’s Lives in 3 Countries

Kids learning English in Ecuador with U4O and Dame Tu Mano

As our programs in Ecuador become more robust, we’re building on what our in-country partners at Dame Tu Mano are doing in multiple locations. By hiring local child psychologists, Unity 4 Orphans is bringing healing to the children as well as providing employment to talented Ecuadorians who have a love for their country and can be blessed with a reliable income.

Children living in poverty are more vulnerable to mental health issues with the constant threats of hunger, inadequate housing, inconsistent education, and often abandonment and abuse by adults. We believe early intervention is critical to fostering their cognitive development and emotional stability, enabling them to pursue healthy families and gainful employment opportunities.

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