U4O Helping Kids in San Diego Through Partnership With BLAST 4 Kids

Unity 4 Orphans is transforming the lives of vulnerable children across Latin America and at home in San Diego thanks to a partnership with local nonprofit BLAST 4 Kids.

In 2022, we began partnering with BLAST 4 Kids, an after-school program in San Diego that serves underprivileged children in grades K-5 from low-income and often single-parent families. With limited resources, their guardians struggle to make ends meet and as a result, the kids face a lack of educational support, and proper nutrition, and fall behind in school.

San Diego Partnership Aligns with U4O’s Values and Vision

We connected with Maria, a volunteer and champion for BLAST. The mission of their organization is aligned with U4O’s values to care for children holistically, improving their quality of life through education, nutrition, and relational consistency. Maria is one of 8 tutors who help the kids after school and selflessly give of their time.

We have kids from single-parent, low-income households where English is not their first language. We encourage them to practice with each other, as well as at home and to teach their families

–Maria, BLAST 4 Kids Volunteer

Volunteers Give Time to Nurture and Educate Vulnerable Children

Although they’re helping young students improve their grades in school, the work that BLAST is doing goes beyond tutoring in academic subjects. Building their self-confidence and providing a safe place to develop and learn is at the heart of their organization. When children are given the tools to succeed academically and believe in themselves their potential grows exponentially.

When I walk in the door every day, the kids come to me with hugs and want to say how they’re doing in school. They proudly tell or show what they’ve accomplished. Seeing them grow and do better in school fills my heart with joy every time and is so personally rewarding.

–Maria, BLAST 4 Kids Volunteer

Maria’s heart for children led her to begin volunteering one day a week, which continued to grow to the point where she’s now there five days most weeks. The hardships she’s overcome in her own life have only strengthened her faith and dedication to helping kids.

Summer Programs Give Underprivileged Kids a Safe Place to Learn and Play

During the summer, BLAST holds a Vacation Bible School at a local church. This outreach provides an opportunity for kids to learn about Jesus’ love for them and receive mentorship, healthy snacks, and play games when most of them would otherwise be home alone.

Once kids know that they’re loved, and not going anywhere, they’re better able to reach their potential to succeed in school. Secure attachment invites growth.

–Caitlin Snyder, U4O Engagement Director

Unity 4 Orphans is grateful for the quality of the partners who we serve alongside. BLAST 4 Kids is the only San Diego nonprofit which we work with. We’re grateful to support their mission to holistically serve vulnerable children in our community. The work they’re doing reminds us that vulnerable children can be found all over the world, including our own communities.

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