SDVoyager Magazine Gives Joe Brandi a Shoutout!

Unity 4 Orphans founder Joe Brandi tells SDVoyager magazine about his background, what makes the organization succeed, and what he loves about San Diego.

In an interview published by SDVoyager magazine, U4O founder Joe Brandi shared a bit about his upbringing and the beginnings of our nonprofit organization. Growing up in Sonora and Santa Cruz showed him the value of long-lasting relationships, a vital part of Unity 4 Orphans’ vision.

A Life-Changing Vision for Orphaned Children

Unity 4 Orphans volunteers with children in Mexico

When the group first began visiting Mexico, they went to 20 orphanages in a year, and Joe felt the need to focus on relational consistency. He chose to commit to two orphanages a month where volunteers could get to know the kids and establish connections with them. Often these unique relationships continue once they age out of the system.

I want my life to be dedicated to a small, intentional community. The kids deserve to know that we will continue to return, and not just at Christmastime.

—Joe Brandi, U4O Founder

Teamwork is Instrumental in Unity 4 Orphans’ Growth

Unity 4 Orphans Open Hearts Gala

When asked by the interviewer to give a shoutout to those who have been instrumental in U4O’s story, Joe gave special credit to Operations Director Keem Schultz-Fares and Board Member Paul Polakowski III. He also gives a shoutout to Shannon and Ayham Skaf, who are key to the success of our annual gala fundraiser. Thanks to their generous hearts, we doubled our program budgets this year.

Monthly Service Trips Set Our Nonprofit Apart

Vulnerable children at an orphanage in Mexico

Our geography enables us to make regular visits to orphanages across the border in Tijuana, Mexico. We employ local team members in-country who come alongside the children to support them emotionally as well as in their education, helping them reach for brighter futures.

We are the only nonprofit in San Diego that visits orphanages every month and we also have a holistic approach to supporting vulnerable children.

—Joe Brandi, U4O Founder

Joe loves Mexican culture and they embody a friendliness he says everyone should experience. If you’d like to join us on a day trip and meet some of the amazing people we work with in Mexico, and more importantly–the kids we serve, sign up and join us for an unforgettable day!


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