One Family’s Matching Gift Raises Twice the Funds for Vulnerable Kids

One San Diego family shares their journey of giving generously to vulnerable children, whether serving orphans or raising funds through matching gifts.

The first time Zach and Stephany went on a service trip in 2013 they were newly dating, and found that it was a great way to connect with each other and children who need affection and attention. Although Stephany is fluent in Spanish, the kids at the orphanage would break into laughter at Zach’s attempts.

Meyer Collage

His Spanish skills didn’t develop much, but Zach found it easy to form quick bonds with the children at the orphanages. Zach and Stephany continued to serve together as often as they could, and their relationship progressed. A few years later they were married and had their first child, a son named Elijah.

Meyer family

Giving to Vulnerable Children Can Take on Many Forms

The Meyers family grew from 3 to 4 with the birth of their daughter, Anayah, and although life got busier, their desire to help children living in poverty remained a priority. They felt called to challenge themselves by giving to a new U4O initiative after reading an email from Joe Brandi.

We saw these kids in unfortunate situations and wanted to help, so we took a leap to give more. We read an email and were so happy to see U4O growing, we knew that we had to get behind it.
—Zach Meyer, U4O Supporter

Fundraising Brings Families Closer Together

At 7 years old, Elijah was the youngest surfer at our 3rd annual Wave-a-Thon competition in September 2022. Not only did he hold his own out on the waves, he was actively involved in raising funds to support U4O’s cause. He prays for orphaned children at night, and had been asking God for a way to help them, so he saw the opportunity to be an answer to prayer.

father and son

It’s good to leak giving into the next generation and for our kids to see this as part of our goals as a family.
—Stephany Meyer, U4O Supporter

Matching Gifts Make Donations Go Further to Support Children in Poverty

When Zach asked Joe Brandi what other ways their family can support Unity 4 Orphans, Joe suggested a matching gift and the Meyers loved the idea. Together they accepted the challenge to make a matching gift of $5,000 and, once that goal was reached, they had facilitated an additional $10,000 donated during the giving campaign for our building project in Nicaragua.

The Meyers family is very special to our organization and we’re thankful for their consistent support and inspiration to give back. As we begin a new year, we’re excited to launch a dedicated Matching Gift page to our website and hope you’ll spread the word and consider supporting the children we serve in this way.

Elijah surfing

Does Your Donation Qualify for a Match?

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