How Does Unity 4 Orphans Identify Partners in Other Countries?

The heart of Unity 4 Orphans’ mission is to identify partners embedded in their communities and invested in the lives of vulnerable children.

Our partner network continues to grow as we expand into new locations because relationships are crucial to making meaningful connections. We look forward to sharing more about the fruits of the team’s labor this summer and encourage you to follow us on social media and sign up for our monthly newsletter so you don’t miss a beat!

In-Country Partnerships Enable U4O to Provide Vital Programs

U4O Founder Joe Brandi travels to Central and South America every summer to meet with existing partners, visit sites where our programs operate, and identify new potential partners and facilities. What began as a vision to bring hope and transformation to vulnerable children has evolved into a partner network that cultivates symbiotic relationships with people embedded in their communities.

I’m going to be gone for 2 months visiting our new and existing program partners, developing relationships, getting to know the kids better, and gathering stories and videos to share. We’re going to get refreshed and renew our vision for the programs and what we’re doing in Latin America.
–Joe Brandi, Founder and Mission Director

Connection is a core aspect of how U4O chooses partners. Once we’ve determined that God is leading us to a new country the first step is to engage with individuals who have boots on the ground. These people are dedicated to education, discipleship, and serving children who are stuck in the cycle of poverty and often lack educational resources and reliable mentorship.

Established ESL Program in Nicaragua Continues to Change Lives

We seek to partner with other Christ-centered individuals and organizations who we can help serve their local community by becoming an arm of their mercy ministry that they cannot afford on their own. This collaborative effort creates an environment where children and the partners who serve them can experience flourishing and replicate that for others.

The most important thing is helping our students, but the program is also helping us as teachers. Sometimes I’m so tired but I know that God is here with us in many, many ways. Welcoming more students also means they have the opportunity to know Jesus. Through English classes, counseling, and spiritual encouragement, we’re helping them to grow and have brighter futures.
–Laighthany, Nicaragua Program Director

U4O meets potential partners by connecting through a good friend, trusted church, or nonprofit organization. Joe and Laighthany met years ago when he was on a trip with World Orphans and it’s a partnership that exemplifies what can be accomplished when God brings the right people together to serve His children.

The Transformative Power of Education and Counseling

We’ve seen our first partnership in Nicaragua grow to a level where our ESL program has produced students who go on to university, secure employment, and even return as teachers. This successful model truly embodies the heart of our organization for vulnerable children and is changing the lives of our dedicated partners as well.

“I love to develop myself and share my knowledge with these students, to share what I learned in the program. I have students who know my story and are able to believe that one day in the future they can be an English teacher, or work as an interpreter or translator. They’ll have many opportunities.”
–Yanelis, ESL Teacher and Former Student in Miramar, Nicaragua

Now that we’ve witnessed the ripple effect occurring in Nicaragua for students like Yanelis, our goal is to continue facilitating transformation stories in every country and location where we serve. The vital connections made this summer will help propel Unity 4 Orphans into new countries as well as open up more opportunities for our existing partners and the children they serve.

Partners Embedded in Their Communities Guide Kids to Brighter Futures

The criteria we use to select partners include a willingness to work together to solve the specific needs of children living in poverty. When Joe visits potential partners and speaks about ESL programs and counseling, he gauges interest and infrastructure to discern if they’re interested and able to begin programming supported by U4O.

There needs to be accountability from the start with all of our partners. They must be willing to keep a budget and provide photos of kids, teachers, facilities, and events. They need to be timely with reports, detail-oriented with the receiving and managing of funds, and serve with a humble and thankful heart.
–Caitlin Snyder, Engagement Director

This summer’s travel agenda includes visits to Panama, El Salvador–where our Nicaraguan partners will meet Joe, Caitlin, and the team, followed by Guatemala, Ecuador, and Colombia. We want children to experience the abundance that God has for them and stay and succeed in school, go on to university, and raise healthy families of their own someday. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to change even more lives together!

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