Why We Give Faithfully to Poor Children in Latin America

From a village in Ecuador, founder Joe Brandi shares a vision for the future of U4O as we expand into other countries, and why our calling is to first support the children in our ESL program in Nicaragua.

After spending time with the children at Unity for Orphans’ ESL program in Miramar, Nicaragua, Joe Brandi traveled on to Ecuador to meet with potential partners to discuss expanding our mission into the area.

Filming from the back of a car in Ecuador, Joe speaks of the “lodo en las calles” or “mud in the streets” due to the rainy season. Muddy streets are also often the cause of children’s inability to physically access education if roads become impassable or when school property is damaged by seasonal storms.

I believe God is giving us a vision to take our programs in Nicaragua and Mexico and bring them to other countries, and Ecuador is the next area where we can holistically change the lives of vulnerable children in the areas of English, spirituality, tutoring, and nutrition.
–Joe Brandi

Tropical weather patterns can especially affect people living in poverty, who have fashioned homes from simple materials and must dedicate their time to build, maintain, and repair makeshift homes. These struggles affect every member of the family, including children, as they interrupt and sometimes derail their education.

A Vision for Expanding Education and Holistic Aid to Children Living in Poverty

Delays in basic needs, like shelter, food, and clean drinking water only set impoverished children back further in growing up strong and healthy and pursuing education that can break the cycle of poverty. We’ve seen the effects of this in Nicaragua, and we are dedicated to making sure each one has the opportunity to learn English and receive the support our program in Miramar offers.

Jesus says to be faithful in the little things before you go big, and I believe that we need to be faithful with our sponsorships in Nicaragua before we expand to other countries.
–Joe Brandi

Through English as a second language education, and holistic support of the kids enrolled in our programs, we continue to see results and see lives changed one child at a time. Our original vision remains constant, and as an organization, we’re looking forward to extending support to Ecuadorian children in the near future.

Sponsoring Vulnerable Children in Nicaragua is a Necessary First Step

While children living in poverty can be found worldwide and it’s heartbreaking to realize that we can’t help them all, it’s encouraging to continue doing what we know is working and producing results for the children we serve.

If you want to be part of changing children’s lives for the better, we have kids in Nicaragua that still need to be sponsored on our website. As we enter the planning phase to develop partnerships with other existing programs, we ask you to please visit our website and check out those kids that aren’t sponsored, and let’s change the world together!


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