We Are Blessed By Your Support!

We are so inspired by the individuals who have risen up to give generously, invest their time, or fundraise for us during our end-of-the-year push.

Our goal is to raise an additional $50,000 by December 31st to continue our programs and increase our impact in 2022. The pandemic has been challenging for our organization, but with your support, we’ve persevered and continued to help the beautiful kids in Mexico and Nicaragua. They didn’t let the global pandemic slow them down and have worked incredibly hard this year; and we want to follow their example and honor their efforts. With a new year coming, we’re looking forward to making an even bigger difference in 2022. 

With Your Help, We Can:

  • Buy new curriculum for our ESL program in Nicaragua
  • Purchase uniforms, backpacks, supplies, and more for when the new school year begins on February 1st in Nicaragua
  • Invest in our staff and teachers in Nicaragua for additional training and teaching tools as and cover related expenses for them to travel to our program site in Miramar each weekend
  • Cover costs related to our hard-working team in San Diego and other operational expenses
  • Put even more into funding holistic care including our education, counseling, and nutrition initiatives

If you’re able, please donate to one of our programs or sponsor a deserving child for the year ahead. If you’re not in a position to financially support Unity 4 Orphans, please share this video on social media with your community. Every little bit helps and sometimes it just takes someone like you introducing Unity 4 Orphans to another person who would want to support our mission.

We are grateful and humbled by your support. Have a blessed Christmas season.

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