U4O Welcomes a New Group of Orphanage Children to Love and Serve!

Serving orphanage children in Mexico is as simple as volunteering on a day trip with Unity 4 Orphans. Come with us as we share about a new group of vulnerable kids we’ve welcomed into our hearts!

A New Orphanage Becomes Part of the U4O Family in Mexico

We recently shared our involvement with a new orphanage south of the border, which we have already visited on a past service trip. Our volunteers fell in love with the kids and we are so excited to be working with this new site. Many orphanages in Mexico are state-run, but this particular facility is privately funded by a fellow San Diegan and his friends and family.

children and Unity 4 Orphans volunteers at an orphanage in Mexico playing with a rainbow parachute

Volunteers received a tour, which showed the quality of care, cleanliness, and order of the orphanage. The dedicated staff who lives at and runs the home encourages all of the children to treat each other like family, and it shows. The kids were excited to play games and spend time with U4O volunteers and a good time was had by all!

Service trips are an amazing way to interact with children who’ve been abandoned. Come and give love to these kids’ lives; show them how valued they are.
– Vicki Lundberg, U4O Volunteer

What to Expect When You Volunteer with Unity 4 Orphans at an Orphanage

children at a Mexico orphanage listening to a volunteer

Our new partner site is a well-organized orphanage full of children eager to meet our volunteers. Considering the trauma some of these kids have experienced, their hope and joy are inspiring. The site leadership has noticed positive changes since our Mexico staff has begun making regular visits, delivering necessities, helping the children with school work, and forming relationships with them.

What the kids need is attention and affection.
– Carmen, Orphanage Director

Kids at an orphanage in Mexico with a teacher

When you sign up for a service trip, prepare to love on some awesome kids who need it most and experience an unforgettable day. Volunteers have shared their surprise at how easy it is to connect with the children, and always agree they feel inspired and uplifted at the end of the day.

Learn more about what a day trip looks like, and we hope you’ll join us soon!

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