Two New Teachers Hired in Mexico!

We’re pleased to introduce two new teachers hired to support our children at the two orphanages we support in Mexico. The addition of new staff members to our Mexico team is in line with our commitment to education and increased program budget for 2022.

For the past two years, the kids have had to adapt to distance learning and still have not returned to school. This creates gaps in their education, and U4O brought two teachers on staff, one to assist the children at each orphanage. With specialized attention, the students will be able to get back on track and stay current in their studies.

Karla Dominguez is working with the kids at one of the orphanages in Tijuana, making sure they understand their assignments and thrive in their online studies. She will teach all grade levels, split between the elementary and middle school students, and will submit monthly evaluations for the children.

The children are very loving and eager to learn, despite the difficulties and interruptions in their education due to the pandemic.

Dennyse Urias

Dennyse Urias, our new teacher at the other orphanage we support, holds a degree in pedagogy, which is the theory and practice of learning, and focuses on the influence of and by the social, political, and psychological development of learners. Dennyse works as a primary education teacher and has experience with children from grades 1-6. 

She was introduced to U4O by a board member, through whom she learned the needs that the children have in the home. She brings a fresh energy and perspective to the kids, and shares that she is very content working with them. Her generosity of spirit is one of many reasons that Dennyse is a great fit for Unity 4 Orphans. 

She describes herself as a responsible person who loves what she does. From a young age, Dennyse knew that she wanted to be a teacher and enjoyed helping her younger sisters learn new things. She loves to travel and learn about new places and hear people’s stories, and also enjoys being home and spending time with family and friends. 

Dennyse is loyal to her relationships and is someone that others know they can count on. For so many of the children we support, relational consistency is vital to progress within their education as well as their personal development. She is glad to support the children, and her commitment to lifelong learning makes her an excellent candidate for this role. We’re blessed to have her on the team, and look forward to seeing the kids continue to grow and thrive!

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