Transformation Story from Mexico: U4O’s First Law Student

One of Unity 4 Orphans’ earliest transformation stories has come full circle with Jose Manuel, a young man who grew up in a Tijuana orphanage and went on to university and law school.

Orphaned and vulnerable children face many challenges beyond those who live at or below the poverty line, making it difficult to earn a high school diploma. It’s even rarer to pursue opportunities for higher education, but one of the young men who grew up in an orphanage supported by U4O is doing exactly that!

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When Jose first met U4O Founder Joe Brandi he was twelve years old and living at an orphanage with his younger siblings. Though understandably reserved, he was a leader amongst his peers and despite many challenges, he proved himself to be a bright young man with a desire to rise above his circumstances.

Jose always stood out as a young kid, but there was a time when he didn’t go to school for a while and sold bread on the street instead. When he realized he didn’t want to do that all his life, we helped him get back in school and realized how smart he was. He wanted to go to law school and has been a faithful and hard worker. I’m super proud of him for enduring and capitalizing on his God-given abilities. He’s going to have a bright future.
–Joe Brandi, Founder and Mission Director

Through building consistent relationships and the support offered through U4O’s programs, Jose remained a good student with an eye on his potential for the future. School can be a struggle for children living in orphanages, especially since free public education in Mexico ends in middle school, and he recalls the complications that come with this and we’ve been blessed to witness him overcome them.

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Education plays a pivotal role in the lives of the children we serve throughout Latin America, helping them succeed despite limited resources. Jose received educational support as well as emotional tools and wise counsel from caring adults and mentors who pointed him in the right direction and kept him accountable.

Jose has shown maturity beyond his years, always excited about his grades in school and the projects he is working on. Giving comes in many different forms: monetary, time, and attention. The most important thing is to just get involved, even if it’s in a small way.
–Adriana Monteiro, U4O Supporter

Longtime U4O supporters Tony and Adriana met Jose at a young age and offered mentorship, which he gladly accepted and thrived under. Their dedication to his growth and maturity also played a pivotal role in building his confidence and belief in a brighter future.

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Jose now reflects with gratitude on his early years and the particular circumstances orphaned and vulnerable children must overcome to achieve an education. The guidance he received helped him believe in himself, stay in school, and develop a vision for his future.

The support I received from Unity 4 Orphans helped me concentrate on getting good grades throughout the race. God gives strength, bravery, and courage to stand out in a world where you may not have the necessary tools. He brought the right people to help me excel in my career.
–Jose Manuel

With many years of hard work behind him, Jose advises others to take advantage of the opportunities that come, and we’re consistently working to extend opportunities for education and healing to the children we serve. This transformation story serves as a model and encourages us to keep going. Join us in leading other kids towards brighter futures!

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