Tech Tools Donated for ESL Classrooms in Miramar, Nicaragua

We recently posted a need for laptops and speakers for our classrooms in Nicaragua and were blown away by the quick response from U4O supporters who immediately shipped wireless speakers and laptops to us in advance of Joe Brandi’s visit. Now each classroom has a speaker that will support the teachers’ lesson plans and provide fun music for interactive activities.

I would like to thank you for making this possible and for providing the resources for helping these kids to continue with their learning process.
Nellys Mareina, ESL Teacher

During Joe’s visit to Miramar in June, we were encouraged to see significant growth to the program. Students are highly motivated and excited to share language acquisition and teachers remarked on their increased confidence. These additional classroom tools will make their job easier and be a wonderful resource for the students to continue learning.

Thank you to our wonderful community for your hearts and generous support of our work and students!

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