Nytzia Gallegos Birthday Party With City of Angels

Last Saturday, Nytzia Gallegos and her family and friends went down to City of Angels to celebrate her birthday with the kids and staff! Nytzia had originally started a birthday fundraiser for Unity 4 Orphans on Crowdrise and then decided to take her birthday celebration to the kids! Thank you Nytzia for being so kind, generous, and loving – you are an amazing part of our community! Happy birthday!

Here’s what Nytzia had to say about her decision to donate her birthday to the kids and then celebrate her birthday with them:

“I really believe in the Unity 4 Orphans mission to have a brighter future, and why not by uniting to make this world a better place by helping out the children that are vulnerable and left orphaned in Latin America. Last year I realized that the government assistance and school programs that I received really empowered me to obtain an education where it has allowed me to be living that future that I had once hope for, and I wanted others to have the same opportunity. A couple of weeks later after realizing this, my friend and me went on this trip to Cuba and when we were walking the streets in La Havana I just saw how much poverty there was around there. I had seen and been around poverty before because my family’s from México and we would go visit a lot, but Cuba was on another level. That’s when I realized that my help had to go in deeper than the US. It had to go in deep into Latin America where they are limited to resources due to their economy. Months later after this trip my friend asked me if I wanted to join her on one of Unity 4 Orphans service trips to Tijuana, Mexico . She told me what they do and showed me their link, and i was just so moved! I went on the next service trip and loved every bit of it, and when I learned about their mission to help these children to have a brighter future in Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua I knew this was a start and hope that these countries economies and resources could hopefully get better in the future. I feel that they are really touching on big issues and they are helping out these children with their necessities, and providing them with beneficial programs like ESL, counseling, and nutrition and those were pretty much some of the programs I had growing up. So I really hope this can help change a child’s future the same way it did mine.

Since I started going on a couple of service trips I started getting attached to these kids because they are just still at a point in their lives where their hearts are still so pure and innocent that when they look up to you they spread so much love and joy that you just want to be able to give that back. Every year I am fortunate enough to have my family and friends just fill me with love and joy that I wanted it to be spread to these children and we decided to take the celebration and make it really special for the kids whose birthdays are in March.”

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