Meet Lindsay Reph

As Unity 4 Orphans’ Community Outreach Specialist, Lindsay manages donor communications, various online content, and anything else that lands in her inbox. Her love of words and eye for grammar and spelling provide a fulfilling way to use these strengths in her role. She devotes around 10 hours per week to keeping supporters engaged and expressing gratitude for their contributions.

The biggest challenge she’s faced with U4O so far is time management, balancing work hours and classes to earn a Copyediting Certification through UCSD. Lindsay is also a writer with a near-complete nonfiction manuscript that she plans to publish later this year. She and her husband have 2 cats and 20 nieces and nephews, and she loves to spend time outdoors, especially in her garden or at the beach.

God specializes in using the unprepared who humbly “just show up.”

She was drawn to U4O’s heart for the children they serve, and in the past has gone on several day trips to orphanages in Mexico. While growing up, Lindsay’s family sponsored a boy in Brazil through Christian Children’s Fund, and she became the primary correspondent until he grew out of the program. This provided her with a different viewpoint of the world and an awareness of her blessings. She credits her family for drawing her to this kind of ministry, and Jesus for her heart for others, especially children.

Nearly 20 years ago, Lindsay was in a serious car accident that resulted in months in hospitals, many surgeries, and a year learning to walk again and gain back stability and strength. This experience gave her a unique perspective on suffering, and how God’s grace always meets us right where we are. Her favorite verse during recovery, and ever since, is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

To those curious about U4O’s mission and how they might fit in, she encourages prayer and a willingness to jump in and serve wherever you’re needed. She loves to share the fact that God specializes in using the unprepared who humbly “just show up.”

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