Maddy Puts Her Best Foot Forward

Meet Maddy

Maddy is an eight grader who loves to dance in her free time and used that as inspiration for a unique collection drive to benefit those less fortunate. In November, she gathered donations of new pairs of socks that were delivered to children at the orphanages that Unity 4 Orphans supports in Tijuana, Mexico.

Maddy’s fundraising goal was thoughtful and simple: to warm the feet and toes of those in need! 

Maddy makes an impact by donating to Unity 4 Orphans

With all of the creative ways that we’ve seen kids and youth give back, we’re excited to share the story of Maddy, who chose something near and dear to her as a dancer: happy feet! She placed donation bins at the front door of her dance studio–Inspired Movement Dance & Performing Arts in Rancho Santa Fe–as well as her family home. She also passed out fliers asking neighbors, friends, and fellow dancers to donate new pairs of socks for Unity 4 Orphans to distribute to the kids we serve in Mexico.

“I aspire to be part of a generation that brings change and makes a difference for kids who are less fortunate.”

The Heart Behind Maddy’s Project

The heart behind Maddy’s project was to help underprivileged kids get the resources they need most, and providing warmth for their feet was a great way to show them love!. Many kids focused on what they wanted to receive during the holiday season, but others found ways to give back, and we love this example of a youth starting right in her own community and using her God-given talents to help others.

“How will you put your best foot forward?”

Thanks to Maddy, many kids have happy feet, and we hope others will be inspired by her generosity like we are!

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