A Life-Changing Camp Experience for Adolescent Boys from the Orphanages

Unity 4 Orphans helps adolescent boys from orphanages in Tijuana to attend a weekend camp that teaches them their value in God’s eyes and gives mentoring support.

When APV Camp–which stands for Abstinence, Purity, Value–began in 2004, teenage girls ages 13 and up were given the opportunity to learn their value as they grew into young women.
After a few years, parents began to request a similar camp for young men as well, and a vision was realized to support boys ages 11 and up.

Weekend Camp Teaches Values to Adolescent Boys in Mexico

two boys at San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans' camp

Ana Cristina Matus and her sisters, Debbie Rivera and Tabitha Galindo, had been faithfully running the girls’ camp for years, and their husbands joined forces to create a special time for boys and young men. It is estimated that 70% of boys who attend the camp are being raised in families without a father or male role model, and those from the orphanages that U4O supports are without active parents in their lives.

We teach the boys about who they are in Christ, and what the Bible says, not social media. Boys need to know their value too, and that’s lacking in Mexico.

-Ana Cristina Matus, APV Camp Founder

Strong Male Role Models are Lacking for Vulnerable Boys and Young Men

During October we had a goal to send 30 boys to camp for the weekend. Once there, they enjoyed bonding activities and received teaching and mentoring to help them face issues they deal with on a daily basis through the lens of God’s plan for their lives. The camp brings in men as special speakers and encourages the boys who have a father, uncle, or another male relative in their life to attend with them.

This year, the theme is “Resilience” and discussions will focus on how to be resilient as they live each day in a highly confusing culture.

-Ana Cristina, APV Camp Founder

San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans volunteers and boys at camp

APV Weekend Camp Changes Attitudes and Behaviors of Adolescent Boys

After the camp last year, there was much positive feedback, with one mother reporting that her teenage son returned with a whole different attitude. Whereas his behavior had been problematic and aggressive, he had become more positive, gained confidence, and wanted to attend church regularly.

Most of the boys at the orphanages we support have never been to a camp, and all are in need of positive male role models. Through APV, they have five meals together, beginning with dinner on Friday and ending with breakfast on Sunday, receive transportation and a T-shirt, and most importantly–an experience that helps shape them into healthy, kind young men.

The mission of Karina’s joy Foundation is to provide teens the opportunity for a meaningful encounter with God while at camp. We have personally attended APV camps and have seen firsthand the value and impact on the lives of young boys and girls. It is so needed, and so valuable of an investment.

–Keem Schultz-Fares, U4O board member and KJF founder

boys at San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans camp

Give Young Men from the Orphanages a Life-Changing Experience

Unity 4 Orphans sends adolescent and teen boys and girls from the orphanages we support in Mexico to APV camps each year, and we need your help! Thanks to our amazing community we were able to send 16 girls to camp this summer and along with our partner, Karina’s Joy Foundation, we hope to offer the same opportunity to the guys.

Karina’s Joy has pledged to match donations from Unity 4 Orphans supporters up to $1,500. Please come alongside us in our shared mission to teach these precious young men from the orphanages we support abstinence, purity, and values that will last a lifetime.

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