Kids Hold Annual Lemonade Stand for Orphans Fundraiser in San Diego

Three San Diego girls recently hosted a lemonade stand to raise money for the orphanages in Mexico that Unity 4 Orphans supports. 

The young entrepreneurs,Vibhi (age 9), Aashi (age 7),  and Eva (age 7), put a lot of care into the planning and preparations, and the event was a success in more ways than one. We are inspired by their dedication to helping others, and by their mothers, Prachi and Jhanjhri, for raising kids to be kind and compassionate. 


Important Conversations Arise When Teaching Kids to Give Back

The experience did much more than just gather funds to support the children we serve south of the border. The planning phase provided teaching moments that will continue to influence the girls.

During preparations, a conversation ensued about why it’s important to help other people, and the special needs of orphans, helping to get the girls excited about the lemonade stand and giving them a tangible example of what generosity looks like.

It’s important for children to understand they are blessed, but not all children are. These are important seeds to plant in their hearts and the right age to do that. When you’re giving back to the community–or the world–every dollar is impactful.
–Jhanjhri Shah

Connecting with the Community Inspires and Encourages Generosity

Prior to sale day, the girls went around the neighborhood, leaving fliers and letting people know what they were selling and why. On the day of the sale, neighbors, people at the park, and passersby saw a lovely summertime spread and a table run by three adorable girls and their moms, Prachi and Jhanjri, all decked out in U4O T-shirts.

One particularly memorable patron was a man who drove by, decided to stop, and struck up a conversation with the girls. He patiently waited while they explained who they were raising money for, and then shared his own story of being an orphan until he was adopted at four years old.

I want you to know that you’re doing really good work and teaching these kids values is such a blessing.
–Roger, lemonade stand patron

Life Lessons are Priceless When Teaching Children to be Philanthropic

Through the thoughtfulness of their mothers, these young girls received hands-on experience in showing generosity and kindnessFundraisers also provide life lessons for not just organizing, but marketing and selling products, and how to attract and engage others.

To better understand the concept of money, it was important for the girls to see and count their earnings for orphaned children. They hope to inspire others to do the same and find their own way of giving back together, and they’re already looking forward to next year’s lemonade stand.

We hope this story inspires you as it has us, and we invite you to create your own way to keep the “fun” in fundraiser. Let us know if you would like to plan one with the kids, friends, or special people in your life and we’ll be glad to share ideas!


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