Joe Brandi is en Route to Nicaragua!

Joe Brandi is on his way to Nicaragua accompanied by a volunteer videographer who will capture footage of the children and their lives to showcase the reality of how they live.


Unity 4 Orphans’ Mission is to Fight for a Brighter Future for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

Joe Brandi is the founder and CEO of Unity 4 Orphans, a non-profit based in San Diego, CA. The mission of Unity 4 Orphans is to fight for a brighter future where orphaned and vulnerable children experience power and transformation in every area of their lives.

We’re blessed to have Paul Giret, a very talented videographer, come along to film our ESL program, teachers, and students to give you a behind-the-scenes view of our work and impact as we fight for brighter futures.

Our goal is to have every single one of Unity 4 Orphans’ children sponsored so that they can receive an excellent education, nutrition, counseling, and more. We’ll be sharing videos from this trip on all social media platforms, so stay tuned for more.

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