Bringing Hope to Children in a Poor Village in Ecuador

Unity 4 Orphans founder Joe Brandi shares a vision for poor children in Ecuador to provide hope through education and holistic care.

Every Saturday for the past seven years, a group of volunteers has been serving local children from a poor community in Ecuador. In his travels to prepare for U4O’s expansion into the country, our founder Joe Brandi served alongside them to get to know the local community and better understand their needs.

I’m really impressed by the volunteers doing this important work without the world knowing about it.

–Joe Brandi, U4O Founder

students at an orphanage in Ecuarod with San Diego charity Unity 4 Orphans' volunteers

Providing Tutoring and Nutrition to Poor and Vulnerable Children in Ecuador

Approximately fifty children flood the simple outdoor space on Saturday mornings, where they’re grouped according to age, and receive tutoring help in math, spelling, and other subjects. Afterward, local mothers put on a feeding program, and the children each receive a nourishing meal.

Maybe God wants to give you a word today to keep on doing the good things you’re doing, even when nobody sees. Because God sees.

–Joe Brandi, U4O Founder

Join Unity 4 Orphans’ Movement to Change Lives One Child at a Time

We’ve done a similar outreach in Nicaragua in the past, and are excited to begin our work in the area in service of the local children. We know that without proper health and nourishment, they are not able to learn and succeed in their education to move on to solid employment when they grow up.

If you would like to be a part of our work to reach out and extend hope to children living in poverty in Ecuador, visit our website to give. With your help, more children will receive everything they need to attend school and grow up to be healthy, educated, and set on a path to rise above poverty.

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