Healing through Giving; One Person Can Make a Difference

We recently connected with longtime Unity 4 Orphans supporter, Jared Lutmer, to discuss how he became involved with our organization and how it’s impacted his life. His dedication to helping the children we serve through education and holistic care will hopefully inspire others to give back, and show that one person’s efforts can make a difference in the world!

For those familiar with our mission, you know that service trips and English as a Second Language instruction are at the heart of what we do for underprivileged and orphaned children. In Mexico, we serve two orphanages in Tijuana in this fun, hands-on way by simply spending time playing and getting to know them as individuals. In Nicaragua, we teach ESL classes through our program in the small village of Miramar, to provide the children with more opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.

One of our supporters recently shared the way in which he became involved with U4O and the reasons behind his ongoing support. A few years ago, Jared Lutmer began by joining service trips every month, and was deeply affected by the experiences. At the time, he wasn’t attending church and though he prayed sometimes, didn’t consider himself an active Christian.

Volunteering Time to Orphaned Children

The way the trips are structured appealed to him as an opportunity to help others–whether coming from a secular or spiritual standpoint–as the focus is completely on reaching out to kids with damaged backgrounds and heartbreaking stories. He immediately saw firsthand the love being poured into the kids, and the amazing way they reciprocated that love and opened up to active play and one-on-one interaction.

Service trips are a great avenue to serve others, and I personally found healing through doing so.– Jared Lutmer

After a series of trips, Jared experienced a shift in his perspective that was paramount in his life. He regained his personal faith, was reminded of his desire to be consistent in giving to others, and set his life on a future-forward path. Though he had been through deep hurt in his own life, he found healing through serving children who have so little.

Sponsoring ESL Education for Brighter Futures

Recently, while attending a church service, Jared felt a nudge to be more involved in supporting the children in U4O’s programs. He committed as a monthly sponsor for one of the students in Miramar, providing one-third of the funds needed for that child to learn English and unlock doors to a brighter future. Even then, Jared knew God was calling him to become a full sponsor, and this month he upped his financial contribution to provide for the student’s complete education and holistic support offered through U4O’s program in Nicaragua.

As a Trusted Organization, U4O is a Preferred Top San Diego Charity for Partners and Volunteers

To others considering becoming involved in either of these programs, Jared emphasizes the importance of trusting the organization and the way they manage donations and volunteer opportunities. With U4O, he knows where his money is going and trusts the leadership of our founder and the efforts of our staff and supporters. We’re so thankful for Jared’s partnership and candor in sharing his experiences, and hope it will inspire others to get involved and see for themselves!

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